Notes and Quotes from Day 6 of the 2012 French Open

Sloane Stevens

On her match on Friday:

It was fun.  It was nice.  I thought the crowd was really going to be against me, but they were pretty equal.

So it was nice.  I played well, so that was good.

My grandparents gave me a necklace, and it says “In calmness and confidence.”  Every time I’m like getting really tight or I’m like, oh, my God, what am I doing, I’m just like, okay, relax, you can do that.  I think of that and it helps me.


On the possibility of becoming one of the higher profiled Americans:

Yeah, I’m excited, because now I’m going to have more Twitter followers.  That’s good.  I’m excited.  I mean, it’s always good to be noticed and recognized, you know, for sport.  I think being up there with Venus and Serena, I mean, that’s awesome.  You know, I’m excited.

I’m happy that I’m improving and getting better and that I can be there.


On a slow beginning to the year:

Yeah, if you only knew what was happening three and a half weeks ago, I mean, it was  the only way to go was up.

So my mom came and my aunt came, and that helped me a lot, because I don’t know what was going on.  My head was  I was having brain farts and things weren’t going my way.

I was being 19, and I think now I am being 29.  So I think my mom and aunt definitely helped me through the last couple of weeks.

You know, I’m very grateful for that.

Venus and Serena Williams for inspiration:

Yeah, they definitely inspire.  I mean, not only…..race has nothing to do with it, but they inspire everyone to play tennis.  They’re two of the best tennis players to ever play the game.

I think they’re a really great inspiration to everyone.  I like them.  I think they’re funny.

How she describes her game:

Aggressive baseliner, looking to a lot of forehands coming in.  I’m not sure.  Whoever wins that match wins, and it will be good.  I’m excited.  I love playing here.  I have been playing well, so it should be a match, whoever I play.


Goal for French Open:

Goal?  My goal, coming to the French Open, you mean?  My goal coming into the French Open was just play hard.  I mean, there’s nothing else you can do.  Play hard, fight hard, you know, run every ball down.  Winning or losing, really, it didn’t matter because I started playing well and I started getting my confidence back and I was happy with what I was doing.

So I was just like, there’s …not going to put any pressure on myself.  I always feel really comfortable here, and I really like it here.  So I was kinda like, I know if I just do the right things that good things will happen.


Maria Sharapova (Photo by Maria Noble for Tennis Panorama News)

Maria Sharapova

Yeah, it was a pretty long day yesterday.  I feel like I warmed up like 20 times for this match (smiling).

Yeah, it was one of those days where you just want to get on the court and then, you know, you’re at the courts all day, and sitting, waiting around, eating, sleeping.  It’s like a good way to put someone into retirement.  (Smiling).

It was nice.  Nice to get out there today and finish it and get in a third round.

Yeah, I was happy with the way I played today.  I never faced my opponent before.  Yeah, when she has time, she really goes for her shots.  I really wanted to try to get her on the move.  I thought I played well, aggressive, moved in when I had to.

Yeah, with every round I’m going to be playing tougher opponents, and that’s when you really want to kind of step it up and raise your level.  That’s what I’ll try to do in the next round.


On saying “no” to twitter:

I think it’s too much for me.  I mean, I’m bored with myself on a daily basis, and I think if I’m bored, like eating a bowl of pasta, I don’t need to let the world know that I’m at this restaurant eating a bowl of pasta.

That’s my opinion about it now.  Maybe that can change, but I feel like it’s very… just too much every day to tweet and to write.  I write enough texts a day.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I would tweet constantly.  I’m like, I’m getting arthritis in my thumbs.  I already text so much, it’s embarrassing.

No, I have Facebook, which I love to write about, but for me Facebook is more like a travel journal for me than anything else.

I mean, I think I have already 7 million fans that I have no idea where they came from or who they are, but thank you if you’re live.

It’s just a nice opportunity I think for the people that really follow you to maybe get a little bit more personal and share things and write things that come from your own voice.  I just like to write a lot, so I like to make it fun and very easygoing.  It’s not going to be, you know, like science.

So I have fun with it.  I take a lot more pictures now than I used to, because I feel like I want to share it on my Facebook than anywhere else.


Roger Federer photo by Matthew Stockman of Getty Images

Roger Federer

I knew he could play very well from the baseline if he had time.  I think for bigger guys it’s about, if you’re able to move them around enough and they have to defend time and time again, this is maybe where you can expose some of their weaknesses potentially.

But if they’re obviously on the attack and they can keep the points short and they’re all very good, you know, and he showed the same, especially in the first few shots of each point, makes him tough to play.

It’s a bit tricky when you want to play yourself maybe a clay court match but actually it would be better to play a hard court match, so it was the sliding obviously integrated into that.

So that’s tricky at times.  I thought he did well.  Struggled a little bit, but overall obviously I’m happy I came through.

On playing lucky loser David Goffin:

I saw him play a bit of that match against Clement, obviously, because I knew that was going to end Arnaud’s campaign here at the French, and I’ve played him many times.  So I was trying to watch as much as I could in that match.

So then that gave me a chance to see a bit of him, as well.  Because I never really saw him play before.  I’ve seen him around, but it’s a nice game, smooth ball striker and talented, obviously.  Otherwise he wouldn’t be coming that far in this tournament.  Today he had a convincing tournament, and that’s exactly what he needed coming into the next round.

Asked if Goffin idolizing Federer give him inspiration:

Not the first time it happens.  (Laughter.)  It’s strange; I tell you that.  It’s weird.  It’s strange.  It’s everything you can imagine.  I’m happy to hear it, though.

So it’s a big match obviously for him, and for me, too.  It is a fourth round of a Grand Slam, after all, here in Paris where I know the Belgians, they like coming here and supporting their players like Justine and Kim in the past.  I expect some Belgian fans to be there, too.

Yeah, it’s gonna be unusual match for me, knowing that now.  So thanks for that.  (Laughter.)

Bloomberg reported that Federer did not re-sign with agent IMG and that his agent Tony Godsick is no longer with IMG. Federer was asked about re-signing with IMG:

I don’t know.  Yeah, maybe.  I have no idea.  I mean, I’ve had a good time myself, you know.  I was very close with Teddy Forstmann, who unfortunately passed away last year.  Obviously I had an emotional attachment to the company that way.  He was the one who brought me back really, and so obviously when all of that happened, potentially it wasn’t helpful.

I don’t know at this moment what’s gonna happen next.

But I’m relaxed, which is important at this very moment.