Center Court is not Cursed


Wimbledon – Another amazing day of tennis under the closed roof at Wimbledon. Swiss player, Roger Federer and Julien Benneteau of France, played an unpredictable five-set match, where Federer had to come back from two sets to none to win.

Benneteau took the first and second sets, playing solid tennis despite the fact that Federer had a break in the second set and said he “should have not lost the second set. I mean, I credit him. At the end, once he got the break he was in the match again.”  Federer did feel he started to play “better and better as the match went on, and that’s kind of what I expected of myself once a set down or two sets to love down.”

Federer sounded poetic explaining how he got out of the big hole he got himself in after missing the opportunity in the second set.  “I guess that comes with experience, but also experience alone is not going to win you the match. I had to push deep and extremely hard, and I’m very happy with the way things sort of happened at the end.” Serving at 4-5 Benneteau was playing with confidence, hitting solid passing shots. At 5-5 Federer was moving well and won a solid game to force his opponent to serve to stay in the set. At 5-6, Benneteau double faults the first point, but gets back to deuce where he misses an overhead after Federer forces him to hit one more shot. Benneteau seemed nervous and double faulted again, and went on to make more errors, but ended up forcing a tie breaker. Federer did not seem confident or playing his best during the tie breaker, and Benneteau took the second set.

The third set, turned out to be crucial for Federer and he had to focus and knew he “could not afford to make any more mistakes.” He gets the break, and serving at 1-0 in the third set, at 40-15, Federer makes an unusual backhand error and did not look comfortable. Benneteau was trying to keep the pressure on, but Federer held.  Serving at 0-2,  Bennetteau double faulted the first point, then comes into the net and misses a low volley, going down 0-30 and does not get any help from  Federer who hits a crosscourt forehand winner and ended up winning the game after a net cord shot in his favor.

Federer feels he played well the third and fourth set. “Probably having been there so often, down two sets to love  knowing how to handle the situation, not to panic, knowing that once I broke the beginning of the third set that this match is completely open, and I’m going to get stronger from here”.  The fifth set was all in favor of Federer, as Benneteau did not maintain the same level of play from the previous four sets. ”

Mission accomplished for Federer, gets two day of rest and get ready to play Monday.
“At the same time” said Federer, “the best thing in the world can also be the toughest. Just being able to, you know, do it time and time again. I don’t know how many times I have come back from two sets.”

Lucia Hoffman for Tennis Panorama at Wimbledon