US Open Extended to 15 Days with Men’s Final on Monday


(December 14, 2012) The USTA has announced that US Open will add an extra day, extending the tournament to 15 days for 2013. The women’s final will be moved to Sunday with the men’s final pushed to Monday, September 9, 2012 giving a day of rest before each championship match for the first time.

“Super Saturday” will cease to exist with the USTA scrapping the Saturday night session which had the women’s final. The women’s singles semifinals will be played in a single day session on Friday, September 6, and the women’s final will take place on Sunday, September 8 at 4:30 p.m. ET, in the time slot where the men’s singles final was played.


Also the total prize money will increase by four million dollars to $29.5 million, the largest in the history of the tournament.

“I’m pleased that the USTA has modified the US Open schedule to include a day of rest between the semi-finals and final,” said 2012 US Open Men’s Champion Andy Murray.” Together with the prize money increase, it’s good that they’ve taken on board the players’ concerns.”

“Both the prize money increase and the addition of a day of rest are great for the players,” said Serena Williams, 2012 US Open winner. “These moves make the tournament stronger than it’s ever been for all players.”

CBS will air the final four days of the US Open.

“We recognize the increased physicality required to compete at the highest level of the sport, and we have responded to the players’ request for a scheduled day of rest between the singles semifinals and finals,” said Jon Vegosen, USTA Chairman of the Board and President. “The record increase in US Open prize money and the changes in the next year’s schedule are aimed at rewarding the players’ talents and accommodating the rigors of the modern professional game.”

A decision in regard to 2014 and beyond will come after 2013’s tournament.

Karen Pestaina for Tennis Panorama News