June 24, 2017

Maria Sharapova Launches Sugarpova Accessories Collection

Sharapova Launch

(August 20, 2013) NEW YORK, NY – A year after Maria Sharapova launched her candy collection with Henri Bendel, the Russian tennis player is now launching a full accessories collection of bags, tshirts, hats, jewelry, and hair accessories – all decorated with the Sugarpova lips logo.

Reporting from the event for Tennis Panorama News was Vito Ellison of Black Label Tennis. Ellison had an interview with Sharapova in which he asked her about brands, her new collection and the upcoming US Open.


(Vito Ellison) Q:  You’ve worked with a lot of great brands over the course of your career.
How have you picked the brands you’ve worked with?

(Maria Sharapova) A: It’s really about finding the values that are important to you, who you want to associate yourself
with.  It’s also about the time commitment that you’re able to give in a
partnership in a relationship.  When we launched the collection of Sugarpova,
the candies itself, last year at Henri Bendel, it seemed like a very organic
flow to accessories because that’s what they’re known for and have done for so
many years.  It’s just a partnership that felt really real and honest.  In terms
of hair accessories, it’s something that I use when I’m on the court, so it
worked really well together.

Q: What has it been like going from working
with brands to being the brand yourself?  Because I hear you’re very involved
with Sugarpova.

A: Well that is one of the reasons I wanted to start this
because I really wanted to create something that was my own where I made those
final decisions in the end, because I’ve worked with many big brands and I was a
very small part of that; which gave me so much experience which I really thought
I could use in this kind of venture.

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