June 28, 2017

Serena Williams About to Play Her 14th US Open is Still Motivated



Serena Williams Cincy 8122013

(August 24, 2013) FLUSHING MEADOWS, NY – Serena Williams enters the 2013 US Open aiming to win the title a fifth time. The World No. 1 has a 60-4 record this year claiming 7 titles along the way including her second Roland Garros title.

Williams is coming off a loss in the final of Cincinnati to No. 2 Victoria Azarenka and is ready for the US Open.

“I’m definitely really excited.” said Williams.  “Every time I lose, I get so pumped afterwards and I just feel that way.  I just feel like now I’m ready; now I’m prepared.  I almost needed that to take my game to a new level.”

What keep Williams excited about playing? “My motivation just comes from different place and different areas,” she said.  “I love to play tennis and I love winning, and I think that keeps me motivated, is the fact if I’m doing well and I’m winning.  Then I want to keep it up and I want to keep improving and try to keep winning.

“If I lose, then the motivation is just completely opposite.  I want to figure out why and what I can do to be better, if I can do that.”

Should Williams capture the title, she would be the oldest women’s US Open champion, a distinction she said she would enjoy.

“Sure, that would be great.  That’s not one thing I focus on and one thing I think about.  I just think about there are so many people in the competition and so many things I would like to do.”

To begin the defense of her 2012 US Open crown, Williams will take on Francesca Schiavone, 2010 French Open champion in the opening match of evening session on Monday.

“It will be a good match. “ Williams said of her veteran opponent.  “She’s a really good player.  She’s a big fighter and she’s dangerous.”

“It’s definitely not an easy draw, but it’s something I look forward to.”

Karen Pestaina for Tennis Panorama News