June 24, 2017

Rafael Nadal Says that Agressive Play Has Lead to his Hardcourt Success in 2013

Nadal 88(August 24, 2013) FLUSHING MEADOWS, NY – Rafael Nadal who has not lost a match on hardcourt this year (15-0) comes into Flushing Meadows playing aggressively on his least favorite surface.


“I think you can play aggressive when you are playing well,” the world No. 2 told media.  “That’s the first and important thing.  Is true I’m trying to take the ball a little bit early, that I worked on my game to be a little bit more aggressive.

“But at the same time, is true that in the past when I was playing well on this surface I had good success, too.  So it’s not something crazy that changed today that I had the chance to play well on hard, no?”

“Winning two previous Masters 1000 is something great.  In the end, it’s not great because I am confident for here.  It’s great because I won two very important tournaments for me.

“Here is a different event.  I’m going to keep trying my best, and I hope to be ready for that.”

What does the top ranking mean to Nadal? “We will see after here, “ noted the Spaniard.  “This tournament, will make the difference.  Is true that I am having a great season.  I am in a positive position, but nothing decisive having a Grand Slam and 2000 points here.

“I am in this position because I played amazing, because I still have three very important zeros in my computer:  Australian Open, Wimbledon, and Miami.  That’s a lot of zeros to be No. 1,” Nadal said smiling.

“At the end, you are No. 1 or you are not No. 1,” Nadal said.  “I don’t gonna go and fight for the No. 1.  We’ll see at the end of the season.  If I am No. 1, it will be amazing, amazing season for me.

“If I am not No. 1, it still will be amazing season for me.  This tournament gonna make a big difference.  We will see what’s happening here, and after here I will say not everything will be decided, but things can be more clear and completely less clear.”


Nadal will play his first round match against American Ryan Harrison on Monday in Arthur Ashe Stadium.