June 28, 2017

For Defending US Open Champion Andy Murray There is Less Pressure But Some Nerves

Andy Murray 8202013


(August 24, 2013) FLUSHING MEADOWS, NY – World No. 3 Andy Murray is getting a new experience this time around at the US Open by coming back to defend his first major title.

His media obligations have increased.

“Well, a few more media things, a couple extra sponsor things,” said the Scot.  “Days have just been a little bit longer, so it’s been very important to make sure I, you know, manage my time well and conserve my energy as much as I can away from the court.”


Murray admits there are still some nerves. “I think before the first match ‑ and probably anything before the first match there will be nerves there ‑ I expect to be pretty nervous because it’s a new experience and it’s different.

“But I think once the tournament gets going, I don’t think it changes.  I don’t think it changes too much.  There was a lot of pressure on me for a lot of years to win a Grand Slam, and then same sort of thing at Wimbledon.  I wouldn’t imagine it would be the same here.”

Murray said that his desire for more majors outweighs becoming No. 1.

Everyone has different goals in their career,” Murray said. “Everyone is motivated by different things.  You know, my whole career for four, five, six years back, it was about winning Grand Slams.  That was what gave me the motivation to train.

“You know, when I did lose in a Grand Slam, you know, that was what was most disappointing for me.  You know, I could win a Masters Series event, and the first question I would get asked when I came in here was, When are you going to win a Grand Slam?

“It wasn’t, When are you going to get to No. 1 or whatever?  That became my motivation, was to try to win Grand Slams so that, I would imagine, would be the case for the rest of my career.”

Murray will open against Michael Llodra of France most likely on Wednesday.