Bernard Tomic Hires Velimir Zovko as Co-Coach

Bernard Tomic

(December 4, 2013) Australia’s top male player Bernard Tomic has hired Croatian Velimir Zovko as his new co-coach, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Tomic says that he will still be coached by his father outside of tournaments.

Tomic’s father John is serving a ban from the tour due to the assault on his son’s practice partner.

“This guy will be more there on court, spending more hours with me,” the 21-year-old, who is ranked No. 51 told Wednesday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

“My dad will sort of be less, but obviously my dad knows me best, and if he sees something that’s obviously wrong or mistaken then they’ll have a talk about it outside of tennis.

“He’s from Croatia, he speaks my language, and it’s very important for me to have a good communication, someone that understands me, my background, because it’s not easy – I’m a difficult sort of guy.”