June 24, 2017

Tennis – Acapulco and Sao Paulo Results


Abierto Mexicano Telcel
Acapulco, Mexico


Singles – Quarterfinals
[6] N. Kyrgios (AUS) d [1] [WC] N. Djokovic (SRB) 76(9) 75
[2] R. Nadal (ESP) d [Q] Y. Nishioka (JPN) 76(2) 63
[3] M. Cilic (CRO) d S. Johnson (USA) walkover (Right Foot)
S. Querrey (USA) d [4] D. Thiem (AUT) 61 75

Doubles – Quarterfinals
[1] J. Murray (GBR) / B. Soares (BRA) d S. Lipsky (USA) / S. Querrey (USA) 61 63
J. Isner (USA) / F. Lopez (ESP) d [2] R. Klaasen (RSA) / R. Ram (USA) 62 75
[PR] P. Petzschner (GER) / A. Qureshi (PAK) d [WC] S. Gonzalez (MEX) / D. Marrero (ESP) 64 62
O. Marach (AUT) / F. Martin (FRA) d [Q] R. Albot (MDA) / M. Zverev (GER) 75 67(1) 11-9


CANCHA CENTRAL start 4:00 pm
WTA – [5] C. McHale (USA) vs K. Mladenovic (FRA)

Not Before 6:00pm
ATP – [3] M. Cilic (CRO) vs [2] R. Nadal (ESP)

Not Before 8:00pm
WTA – [1] M. Lucic-Baroni (CRO) vs [7] L. Tsurenko (UKR)

Not Before 10:00 pm
ATP – [6] N. Kyrgios (AUS) vs S. Querrey (USA)

WTA – [3] D. Jurak (CRO) / A. Rodionova (AUS) vs D. Schuurs (NED) / R. Voracova (CZE)
ATP – O. Marach (AUT) / F. Martin (FRA) vs J. Isner (USA) / F. Lopez (ESP)
WTA – A. Muhammad (USA) / T. Townsend (USA) vs V. Cepede Royg (PAR) / M. Duque-Marino (COL)
ATP – TBA – [1] J. Murray (GBR) / B. Soares (BRA) vs [PR] P. Petzschner (GER) / A. Qureshi (PAK)




Brasil Open
Sao Paulo, Brasil


Singles – Second Round
[1] P. Carreno Busta (ESP) d [WC] J. Souza (BRA) 64 62
[3] P. Cuevas (URU) d F. Bagnis (ARG) 62 62
[5] F. Fognini (ITA) d [Q] A. Giannessi (ITA) 76(1) 76(3)
[6] D. Schwartzman (ARG) d G. Melzer (AUT) 62 62

Doubles – Quarter-finals
[PR] S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) d [1] P. Carreno Busta (ESP) / P. Cuevas (URU) 60 67(3) 12-10
R. Dutra Silva (BRA) / A. Sa (BRA) d [3] N. Monroe (USA) / A. Sitak (NZL) 76(4) 26 10-6


QUADRA CENTRAL start 12:30 pm
[7] F. Delbonis (ARG) vs [4] J. Sousa (POR)
G. Pella (ARG) vs [2] A. Ramos-Vinolas (ESP)

Not Before 5:00 pm
S. Galdos (PER) / H. Podlipnik-Castillo (CHI) vs. [4] M. Daniell (NZL) / M. Demoliner (BRA)

Not Before 6:30 pm
[1] P. Carreno Busta (ESP) vs [5] F. Fognini (ITA)
[3] P. Cuevas (URU) vs [6] D. Schwartzman (ARG)


Tennis – Acapulco and Sao Paulo Results

Abierto Mexicano Telcel
Acapulco, Mexico


Singles – Second Round
[1] [WC] N. Djokovic (SRB) d J. del Potro (ARG) 46 64 64
[2] R. Nadal (ESP) d P. Lorenzi (ITA) 61 61
[3] M. Cilic (CRO) d B. Coric (CRO) 63 26 63
[4] D. Thiem (AUT) d A. Mannarino (FRA) 75 63
S. Querrey (USA) d [5] D. Goffin (BEL) 62 63
[6] N. Kyrgios (AUS) d D. Young (USA) 62 64
S. Johnson (USA) d [WC] E. Escobedo (USA) 76(5) 63
[Q] Y. Nishioka (JPN) d [LL] J. Thompson (AUS) 64 36 60

Doubles – First Round
[2] R. Klaasen (RSA) / R. Ram (USA) d R. Lindstedt (SWE) / M. Venus (NZL) 63 64
[WC] S. Gonzalez (MEX) / D. Marrero (ESP) d [3] L. Kubot (POL) / M. Melo (BRA) 76(3) 63
O. Marach (AUT) / F. Martin (FRA) d [4] T. Huey (PHI) / M. Mirnyi (BLR) 61 16 11-9
S. Lipsky (USA) / S. Querrey (USA) d [WC] H. Hach Verdugo (MEX) / C. Ramirez (MEX) 63 64
[PR] P. Petzschner (GER) / A. Qureshi (PAK) d J. Cabal (COL) / R. Farah (COL) 75 76(3)
[Q] R. Albot (MDA) / M. Zverev (GER) d **[LL] M. Arevalo (ESA) / L. Patino (MEX) 46 62 10-3

**[LL] M. Arevalo (ESA) / L. Patino (MEX) replaced [LL] A. Mannarino (FRA) / J. Thompson (AUS) – (Thompson – right hand)
[LL] A. Mannarino (FRA) / J. Thompson (AUS) had previously replaced N. Kyrgios (AUS) / J. Sock (USA) – (Sock – right shoulder)


CANCHA CENTRAL start 4:00 pm
ATP – S. Johnson (USA) vs [3] M. Cilic (CRO)
ATP – [Q] Y. Nishioka (JPN) vs [2] R. Nadal (ESP)
ATP – [4] D. Thiem (AUT) vs S. Querrey (USA)

Not Before 10:00 pm
ATP – [1] [WC] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [6] N. Kyrgios (AUS)

WTA – [5] C. Mchale (USA) vs [4] M. Puig (PUR)
WTA – K. Flipkens (BEL) vs [2] K. Mladenovic (FRA)
WTA – [3] J. Ostapenko (LAT) vs [7] L. Tsurenko (UKR)
WTA – [1] M. Lucic-Baroni (CRO) vs P. Parmentier (FRA)

CANCHA 2 start 4:00 pm
WTA – M. Brengle (USA) / N. Gibbs (USA) vs [3] D. Jurak (CRO) / A. Rodionova (AUS)
WTA – D. Kovinic (MNE) / A. Rosolska (POL) vs A. Muhammad (USA) / T. Townsend (USA)
WTA – [4] C. Chuang (TPE) / C. Mchale (USA) vs V. Cepede Royg (PAR) / M. Duque-Mariño (COL)

CANCHA 4 start 4:00 pm
ATP – J. Isner (USA) / F. Lopez (ESP) vs [2] R. Klaasen (RSA) / R. Ram (USA)

Not Before 6:00 pm
ATP – [WC] S. Gonzalez (MEX) / D. Marrero (ESP) vs [PR] P. Petzschner (GER) / A. Qureshi (PAK)
ATP – [Q] R. Albot (MDA) / M. Zverev (GER) vs O. Marach (AUT) / F. Martin (FRA)
ATP -After Suitable Rest – [1] J. Murray (GBR) / B. Soares (BRA) vs S. Lipsky (USA) / S. Querrey (USA)

Brasil Open
Sao Paulo, Brasil


Singles – Second Round
[2] A. Ramos-Vinolas (ESP) d G. Elias (POR) 64 76(5)
[4] J. Sousa (POR) d R. Olivo (ARG) 62 64
[7] F. Delbonis (ARG) d C. Ruud (NOR) 75 63
G. Pella (ARG) d [8] C. Berlocq (ARG) 75 63

Doubles – Quarter-finals
F. Bagnis (ARG) / G. Duran (ARG) d [2] J. Peralta (CHI) / H. Zeballos (ARG) 76(4) 75

First Round
[1] P. Carreno Busta (ESP) / P. Cuevas (URU) d J. Brunstrom (SWE) / A. Siljestrom (SWE) 64 36 10-7
[4] M. Daniell (NZL) / M. Demoliner (BRA) d [WC] D. Lajovic (SRB) / E. Russi Assumpcao (BRA) 63 61


QUADRA CENTRAL start 12:30 pm
[3] N. Monroe (USA) / A. Sitak (NZL) vs R. Dutra Silva (BRA) / A. Sa (BRA)

Not Before 2:00 pm
[Q] A. Giannessi (ITA) vs [5] F. Fognini (ITA)

Not Before 5:00 pm
[1] P. Carreno Busta (ESP) vs [WC] J. Souza (BRA)

Not Before 6:30 pm
G. Melzer (AUT) vs [6] D. Schwartzman (ARG)
[1] P. Carreno Busta (ESP) / P. Cuevas (URU) vs [PR] S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA)

QUADRA 1 start 4:00 pm
[3] P. Cuevas (URU) vs F. Bagnis (ARG)


Dominic Thiem and Sloane Stephens Win Singles Titles in Acapulco

Dominic Thiem and Sloane Stephens won the singles titles at the Abierto Mexicano Telcel in Acapulco on Saturday night.

Theim defeated Bernard Tomic 7-6(6), 4-6, 6-3, while Stephens took 3 hours and five minutes for an epic struggle of a victory over former Acapulco champion Dominika Cibulkova 6-4, 4-6, 7-6(5).

For the Austrian Thiem, who went 13-1 for the month of February, it was his fifth career ATP World Tour title, his first not on clay. He won the Buenos Aires title a week ago.

For Sloane Stephens, it was her third WTA tournament victory and second of 2016. She also won in Auckland.

“It was unbelievable,” said the Austrian. “These three weeks have been amazing. Winning my first 500 title and first hard-court title, it was just perfect. It was how a final should be, between two young and up-and-coming players. I hope we’re going to play many more finals together. Both of us wanted to win so badly and I’m happy I was the one today.”

“It’s not easy, I’d love to win,” Tomic commented. “It could have been huge if I won, but I had a chance. That’s the biggest disappointment, having the chance to win. I’m frustrated with myself… I was leading in the first set and then I lost it and I was up a break in the third and gave away my serve straight away.

“But he was playing very well and he’s an amazing competitor. Every point he’s competing. He was feeling good on court and has been playing well all week. In the final of big tournaments, you have to take your chances in the big moments. I didn’t take it.”

The 22-year-old Thiem will move up the rankings to a career high No. 14.

The final was the third on the ATP World Tour to feature players born in the 1990s. Thiem has been involved with all three.

In men’s doubles, former World No. 1 Max Mirnyi is just two match wins away from joining the ‘700 Club’ winning his first title with Treat Huey. For Mirnyi it’s his 49th doubles title, seventh for Huey.

“It was a tough first round match against Guccione and Tomic and we somehow came out with the win there 14-12 in the tie-break,” Huey said. “We took a lot of momentum from that. I was feeling pretty sick the first few days and could barely get out of bed, but as Max said we just need to find a way. We did and we’ve been playing great tennis all week. It’s great to win a title and we’re having fun. The tournament here in Acapulco is unbelievable.”

“I told Treat that even though we’ve only been together for two months, we’ve been through a lot,” Mirnyi explained. “We’ve improved on our teamwork and things we need to do. Luckily today, in a big tournament like Acapulco, everything clicked. We played well at the same time which was important.”

“I got a little bit better today because of her, and I wouldn’t want to have this memory with anyone else,” Stephens said about her opponent Cibulkova during her trophy ceremony.

Stephens is perfect in finals at 3-0.


David Ferrer and Timea Bacsinszky Win Acapulco Titles

Ferrer wins Qatar

(February 28, 2015) David Ferrer and Timea Bacsinszky took home Abierto Mexicano Telcel titles on Saturday in Acapulco.


Ferrer won an ATP best third tournament this year with the title and lifted his record to 18-1 with the 6-3, 7-5 win over top seed Kei Nishikori. For the 32-year-old Spaniard, it was his fourth title in Acapulco and his 24th career ATP crown. He won the previous three Acapulco titles on clay, this year’s event was played on hardcourt.

“Tonight I played my best match this week,” said Ferrer. I played very aggressive, without mistakes. I’m very happy. To win here a fourth time is a dream.

“I tried to play my forehand to his forehand and with more energy. In important moments, he made more mistakes and I took my chances. I feel very confident with my tennis now. I’ve won three tournaments this year and we’ve only began the season.”

“There were too many unforced errors,” said Nishikori. I tried to be aggressive but I was missing too much. Especially with this slower surface, he gets everything. I knew I had to step in a little more, but it wasn’t my day.

“I fought hard from 0-3 (in the second set) and tried to come back, but he was too good. It was definitely a great week, I had some tough matches and it’s always a great feeling coming through to a final.”

Just six days ago he captured the title in Rio de Janeiro and in January won the crown in Doha. The world No. 9 took home $343,000 in prize money.


Despite the loss, Nishikori, will reach career-high World No. 4 ranking on Monday.

Almost out of tennis, fifth seeded Timea Bacsinszky of Switzerland won her second WTA Tour title, beating third seed Caroline Garcia of France 6-3, 6-0. Dealing with multiple injuries from 2011-2013, she fell as low as 578 in the world. She said that she almost stopped playing the sport in 2013.

“I almost stopped playing in 2013,” said the Swiss. “When I decided to play again, at the French Open in 2013, I got a new team around me – a new coach, new fitness coach, I’ve been working a lot with Swiss tennis. The road was long, and it’ll still be long, but I’ve been working hard. I wasn’t just expecting the results to come right away, I was patient. I knew I needed time to build everything up. I’m really proud. And knowing what I’ve been through, I’m even prouder.”