Karlovic Wins Bogota Crown Over Hometown Hero Falla

Ivo Karlovic

(July 21, 2013) Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic won his first tournament in five years when he beat Bogota resident Alejandro Falla for the Claro Open Colombia on Sunday.

The ATP tour’s tallest player, the 34-year-old Karlovic who is 6-foot-10 stopped Falla 6-3, 7-6(4) for the hardcourt title. It’s the Croatian’s fifth career ATP crown. For Karlovic this is just his second tournament back from being off the tour for three months with viral meningitis.

He became the 11th winner of the ATP Tour over 30.

Karlovic held all 61 of his service games and served a total of 104 aces during the tournament.

“Only happiness, that after all these injuries and illnesses I was able to back here,” Karlovic said.

“It was my weapons, which is volleys and serve, and I was more calm in the crucial points,” he said were the keys to the win.

“It was a great week for me,” said the hometown favorite Falla. “The challenge was to reach the final and win matches, and I lost a tough final. Ivo was serving unbelievable. I tried my best every time. I take many, many positive things and I’m going to try to keep it up for the rest of the season.”

“I have to be ready for next year. I think the challenge is to win a title here. I have the chances to do it, and I feel comfortable playing here in the altitude with my people, my friends and my family. So it was a great tournament overall and I’m really happy about the final.”


Hometown Hero Falla Reaches Bogota Final


(July 20, 2013) Bogota resident Alejandro Falla moved into the Claro Open Colombia final by beating Canada’s Vasek Pospisil 6-7 (4), 6-3, 6-4.

The 29-year-old southpaw Falla is looking for  his first ATP Tour title.  He’ll meet Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic who beat second seed Kevin Anderson of South Africa 6-4, 6-7 (4), 6-3.

copa claro


Singles – Semi-finals
I Karlovic (CRO) d [2] K Anderson (RSA) 64 67(4) 63
A Falla (COL) d V Pospisil (CAN) 6

Doubles – Final

[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) d [2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED)


CAMPO CENTRAL start 11:00am
A Falla (COL) vs I Karlovic (CRO)


Tipsarevic Upset in Bogota

ATP World Tour 250
Bogota, Colombia  (-5 hours GMT)
15-21 July, 2013     Surface: Hard


Singles – Quarter-finals
A Falla (COL) d [1] J Tipsarevic (SRB) 36 62 63
[2] K Anderson (RSA) d [6} S Giraldo [COL] 63 63
I Karlovic (CRO) d [5} A Mannarino (FRA) 76(5) 76(3)
V Pospisil (CAN) d M Viola (ITA) 36 63 62

Doubles – Semi-finals

[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) d [1] J Cabal (COL) / R Farah (COL) 62 63
[2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED) d I Karlovic (CRO) / F Moser (GER) 61 76(3)


CAMPO CENTRAL start 11:00am
I Karlovic (CRO) vs [2] K Anderson (RSA)
Not Before 1:00 PM
A Falla (COL) vs V Pospisil (CAN)
Not Before 4:00 PM
[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) vs [2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED)


Viola Stuns Roger-Vasselin in Colombia


ATP World Tour 250
Bogota, Colombia  (-5 hours GMT)
15-21 July, 2013     Surface: Hard



Singles – Second Round
[1] J Tipsarevic (SRB) d R Bemelmans (BEL) 64 75
M Viola (ITA) d [4] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) 63 75
A Falla (COL) d M Ebden (AUS) 76(1) 61
V Pospisil (CAN) d J Duckworth (AUS) 75 36 75

Doubles – Quarter-finals

[1] J Cabal (COL) / R Farah (COL) d [Alt] M Arevalo (ESA) / V Estrella Burgos (DOM) 46 76(3) 10-8
[2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED) d A Mannarino (FRA) / M Viola (ITA) 76(0) 36 10-2
[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) d N Monroe (USA) / V Pospisil (CAN) 36 63 10-6
I Karlovic (CRO) / F Moser (GER) d J Cerretani (USA) / C Guccione (AUS) 76(6) 76(3)


CAMPO CENTRAL start 12:00 noon
[5] A Mannarino (FRA) vs I Karlovic (CRO)
Not Before 2:00 PM
[6] S Giraldo (COL) vs [2] K Anderson (RSA)
M Viola (ITA) vs V Pospisil (CAN)
Not Before 6:00 PM
[1] J Tipsarevic (SRB) vs A Falla (COL)
[1] J Cabal (COL) / R Farah (COL) vs [4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND)

CAMPO 1 start 4:00 pm
I Karlovic (CRO) / F Moser (GER) vs [2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED)


Anderson Advances in Bogota

copa claro

ATP World Tour 250
Bogota, Colombia  (-5 hours GMT)
15-21 July, 2013     Surface: Hard


Singles – Second Round
[2] K Anderson (RSA) d [Q] E Gomez (ECU) 63 76(2)
I Karlovic (CRO) d [3] I Sijsling (NED) 63 76(14)
[5] A Mannarino (FRA) d [Q] V Estrella Burgos (DOM) 61 62
[6] S Giraldo (COL) d [Q] C Guccione (AUS) 36 63 64

Doubles – First Round

I Karlovic (CRO) / F Moser (GER) d [3] M Demoliner (BRA) / A Sa (BRA) 64 63
[Alt] M Arevalo (ESA) / V Estrella Burgos (DOM) d D Molchanov (UKR) / J Wang (TPE) 63 76(4)
N Monroe (USA) / V Pospisil (CAN) d F De Paula (BRA) / S Galdos (PER) 61 62
J Cerretani (USA) / C Guccione (AUS) d [WC] A Gonzalez (COL) / C Salamanca (COL) 64 76(4)


CAMPO CENTRAL start 12:00 noon
[4] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) vs M Viola (ITA)
V Pospisil (CAN) vs J Duckworth (AUS)
[1] J Cabal (COL) / R Farah (COL) vs [Alt] M Arevalo (ESA) / V Estrella Burgos (DOM)
Not Before 4:30 PM
[1] J Tipsarevic (SRB) vs R Bemelmans (BEL)
Not Before 6:30 PM
M Ebden (AUS) vs A Falla (COL)

CAMPO 1 start 1:00 pm

J Cerretani (USA) / C Guccione (AUS) vs I Karlovic (CRO) / F Moser (GER)
A Mannarino (FRA) / M Viola (ITA) vs [2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED) – After Suitable Rest
Not Before 4:30 PM
[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) vs N Monroe (USA) / V Pospisil (CAN)


ATP Bogota – Tuesday Results, Wednesday Schedule

copa claro

ATP World Tour 250
Bogota, Colombia  (-5 hours GMT)
15-21 July, 2013     Surface: Hard


Singles – First Round
J Duckworth (AUS) d [7] A Bedene (SLO) 63 64
A Falla (COL) d [8] X Malisse (BEL) 61 36 61
R Bemelmans (BEL) d [WC] N Barrientos (COL) 75 63
V Pospisil (CAN) d M Przysiezny (POL) 63 36 61
[Q] V Estrella Burgos (DOM) d F Arguello (ARG) 75 63
I Karlovic (CRO) d [Q] J Londero (ARG) 76(5) 64
[Q] C Guccione (AUS) d E Korolev (KAZ) 61 10 ret. (illness)
[Q] E Gomez (ECU) d [WC] E Struvay (COL) 64 64

Doubles – First Round
[2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED) d M Ebden (AUS) / I Marchenko (UKR) 76(7) 61
[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) d [WC] E Gomez (ECU) / M Quintero (COL) 62 62
A Mannarino (FRA) / M Viola (ITA) d G Andreozzi (ARG) / F Arguello (ARG) 61 62


CAMPO CENTRAL start 12:00 noon
I Karlovic (CRO) vs [3] I Sijsling (NED)
Not Before 1:45 PM
[6] S Giraldo (COL) vs [Q] C Guccione (AUS)
Not Before 4:00 PM
[Q] E Gomez (ECU) vs [2] K Anderson (RSA)
[5] A Mannarino (FRA) vs [Q] V Estrella Burgos (DOM)
Alternate / Unknown vs D Molchanov (UKR) / J Wang (TPE) – After Suitable Rest

CAMPO 1 start 1:30 pm
F De Paula (BRA) / S Galdos (PER) vs N Monroe (USA) / V Pospisil (CAN)
I Karlovic (CRO) / F Moser (GER) vs [3] M Demoliner (BRA) / A Sa (BRA)
[WC] A Gonzalez (COL) / C Salamanca (COL) vs J Cerretani (USA) / C Guccione (AUS) – After Suitable Rest


ATP Bogota – Monday Results, Tuesday Schedule

copa claro

ATP World Tour 250
Bogota, Colombia  (-5 hours GMT)
15-21 July, 2013     Surface: Hard


Singles – First Round
[5] A Mannarino (FRA) d A Gonzalez (COL) 64 06 64
[6] S Giraldo (COL) d [WC] C Salamanca (COL) 62 64
M Ebden (AUS) d J Wang (TPE) 61 26 61
M Viola (ITA) d I Marchenko (UKR) 63 26 60

Doubles – First Round

[1] J Cabal (COL) / R Farah (COL) d M Przysiezny (POL) / A Shamasdin (CAN) 26 76(7) 13-11


CAMPO CENTRAL start 11:00 am
[WC] N Barrientos (COL) vs R Bemelmans (BEL)
[Q] E Gomez (ECU) vs [WC] E Struvay (COL)
Not Before 3:00 PM
A Falla (COL) vs [8] X Malisse (BEL)
V Pospisil (CAN) vs M Przysiezny (POL)
J Duckworth (AUS) vs [7] A Bedene (SLO)

CAMPO 1 start 11:00 am
E Korolev (KAZ) vs [Q] C Guccione (AUS)
[Q] J Londero (ARG) vs I Karlovic (CRO)
M Ebden (AUS) / I Marchenko (UKR) vs [2] E Roger-Vasselin (FRA) / I Sijsling (NED)
[4] P Raja (IND) / D Sharan (IND) vs [WC] E Gomez (ECU) / M Quintero (COL) – After Suitable Rest

CAMPO 2 start 11:00 am
F Arguello (ARG) vs [Q] V Estrella Burgos (DOM)
A Mannarino (FRA) / M Viola (ITA) vs G Andreozzi (ARG) / F Arguello (ARG) – After Suitable Rest


Jankovic Wins First Tournament Since 2010 Indian Wells


(February 24, 2013) Jelena Jankovic won her first tournament since Indian Wells in 2010, claiming the Copa Claro tennis event in Bogotá, Colombia with a win Paula Ormaechea of Argentina 6-1, 6-2.

The Serbian snapped a five–match losing streak in finals in winner her 13th WTA title.

“I had a wonderful week here. It’s been an amazing experience. I’m so happy I was able to come here to Bogotá for the first time and winning my 13th WTA title here makes the experience even better.”

Ormaechea will rise 66 places to No.132 on the new rankings come out on Monday.

Bogotá, Colombia
February 18-24, 2013
Red Clay/Outdoors

Results – Sunday, February 24, 2013
Singles – Final
(1) Jelena Jankovic (SRB) d. Paula Ormaechea (ARG) 61 62

Doubles – Final (played Saturday)
(2) Babos/Minella (HUN/LUX) d. (1) Birnerova/Panova (CZE/RUS) 64 63


Tennis News Net Notes


(December 13, 2012) A quick look at the recent news in the world of tennis.

The Chilean newspaper La Tercera reports that the Vina de Mar tournament wants to offer Rafael Nadal a $1.2 million appearance fee to play the tournament. Vina del Mar is a clay court event played the week of February 4, 2013.

Nadal confirmed on Tuesday that he’ll play the exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi in late December. “Can’t wait to get back on court in Abu Dhabi at the end of the month,” said on his Facebook page and Twitter account. “I won the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in 2010 and 2011 – would love to get my hands on the trophy again this year!”

Nadal has been off the tour with a knee injury since losing in the second round of Wimbledon.


Serena Williams and Andy Murray have been nominated for a Laureus Sports Award. Williams is nominated in the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year category while Murray is up for Breakthrough of the Year award.

Williams was also tapped on Wednesday by the French newspaper L’Equipe as Sportswoman of the year.


Wimbledon recorded record profits in 2012. The Lawn Tennis Association reports that profits jumped 7.1 percent to a record $60.8 million dollars.


Former  No.  1 Kim Clijsters bid farewell to tennis on Wednesday in an exhibition match against Venus Williams in Belgium. Clijsters won the match 6-3, 6-3. Clijsters played her last competitive match at the US Open.


The ATP finalized the sale of the Los Angeles tournament to Bogota, Colombia on Wednesday.

The ATP World Tour 250 event tournament will take place July 15-21, 2013 at the Centro de Alto Rendimiento in Bogotá, the same venue that hosted an ATP World Tour event from 1997–2002.


The Lawn Tennis Association Limited (LTA) appointed David Gregson as independent Chairman of the LTA Board on Wednesday.

David is the Chairman of Precise Media Group, and of CRI, a leading UK health and social care charity. He is also a Director of the London Legacy Development Corporation, which is transforming the Olympic Park following the 2012 Games, and a member of the Advisory Board for the Sutton Trust, promoting social mobility through education.

Maria Sharapova and Samantha Stosur have committed to play the Bank of the West Classic. The tournament will take place July 22-28 at Stanford’s Taube Family Tennis Stadium.


Gracias, Bogota by Junior Williams


Gracias, Bogota


By Junior Williams
I had a lot on my mind as my flight from Miami touched down at Bogota,Colombia’s El Dorado Airport Wednesday afternoon. Most prominent was whether or not I would regret my maiden voyage to South America.
A number of my tennis fan friends chose to skip the Davis Cup World Group Play-off between the United States and Colombia, citing U.S. State Department travel warnings and Bogota’s reputation for crime which goes back to the drug wars of the late 20th century.

When a driver from my hotel picked me up and engaged me in conversation -being nice enough not to ridicule my lack of fluency in Spanish – it was definitely a sign of things to come: Bogota is one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited.

I decided to spend my six days and five nights in the La Candelaria section of central Bogota, full of 300-year old colonial buildings,university students and narrow streets. My room at the Hotel Ambala was only $42 a night in U.S. currency, and the staff at the hotel made me feel very much at home.
The trade-off: A very small room with a bathroom you have to squeeze into,and the pulsating beat of bars and nightclubs into the wee hours of the morning. A far cry from the upscale JW Marriott in northern Bogota where the U.S. Davis Cup team is staying, but I’ll take the charm of La Candelaria any day of the week. 



National Capital building at Plaza de Bolivar




My American friend and I have been walking all over Bogota, from the Plaza de Bolivar – home of the national capital building – to the Plaza de Toros la Santamaria, the bullring hosting the Davis Cup. In this city that’s more than 8,600 feet above sea level, I can understand why many cited altitude as a big challenge for the U.S. team. We did lots of huffing and puffing in the hilly parts of Bogota.



Transmilenio/Museo de Oro station



When we weren’t walking, we took the Trans Milenio — a rapid transit bus system masquerading as a subway. It’s a good way to see other parts of the city, with mountain tops looking down over the metropolis.

Bogota is also the home of cheap and tasty eats, where you can get breakfasts and lunches for as little as $2 to $5 US (1800 Colombian Pesos= $1United States). Empanadas, tamales in banana leaves, and sizzling meats are just the tip of the iceberg. Dinners are also inexpensive, but don’t wait too late to go out for a meal. Very few restaurants are open past8pm.
Carrera 7 was a pleasant surprise on Friday night . No cars allowed. It was like a street fair for several blocks.

As far as safety is concerned, there is a heavy police presence in Bogota.It’s not unusual to see officers with muzzled dogs patrolling the streets.

The homeless are very savvy. Expect one of them to come to you and ask for change right after you purchase something on the street.



View of Bogota from Monserrate peak



While dining in a restaurant, I met a retiree who left Chicago to live in Bogota. I asked him for the must-see spots in the city. He mentioned Monserrate, a mountain top where a white church overlooks the Colombian capital.

I took his advice, and the views were breathtaking.


Monserrate Sanctuary



Since we were dining, he also gave me some “tips” on tipping, which is not customary in Bogota (though some eating establishments have service charges). He said if you want to give a tip, give it directly to the waiter or waitress. If you leave it on the table, anyone can take the money.
He also said Colombians are some of the nicest and most generous people you’ll ever meet. “If you ask for one thing, they’ll give you two or three.”
He went on to say that Bogota’s reputation as the most dangerous capital city in the world is unjustified.

I couldn’t agree more. Even when I was walking down crowded streets wearing clothes that screamed out I am an American, I’d get smiles,welcoming gestures and strike up friendly conversations with Bogotanos. 



I didn’t get a chance to see all of the hot spots here, such as the Museo del Oro which I hear is wonderful, but I’ll have plenty of fond memories of Colombia, and not just because of the tennis.
Gracias, Bogota! 

Junior Williams is a long-time journalist and tennis fan. At a moment’s notice he can give you a list of all the Davis Cup match-ups that would give the US home ties. He was in Bogota reporting for Global Village Tennis News covering the US vs Colombia Davis Cup tie.

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