October 9, 2015

Czechs Win Junior Fed Cup and Canadians Claim Junior Davis Cup Titles


(October 4, 2015) The top seeds took home the Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup finals on Sunday in Madrid’s La Caja Magica on Sunday.

Canada won the Junior Davis Cup title over Germany, while the Czech Republic was victorious over the United States.

For Canada this was the first Junior Davis Cup title in its history. The No. 1 seeds at Junior Davis Cup, with Junior US Open champions Felix Auger-Aliassime and Denis Shapovalov capturing the deciding doubles match to earn the win 2-1.

“It was an unbelievable final,” said Auger-Aliassime after the match to Tennis Canada. “We had to clinch it in the deciding doubles but I think we did a great job. The support on the sidelines was amazing. We are really proud of what we did here.”

“It’s very exciting being the first Canadians to ever win Junior Davis Cup,” said Shapovalov. “We knew we had the team to do it as all three of the players on this team are great and contributed. We are very excited.”

Prior to this year, the best finish by a Canadian Junior Davis Cup or Fed Cup team was second place – 2011, 2004, 2003 (Junior Fed Cup) and 2010 (Junior Davis Cup).

On the ladies side, the Czech Republic also won 2-1. It’s their fourth Fed Cup title, first since 2001.

A total of 168 teams from 94 countries took part in regional qualifying in 2015, with 15 boys and 15 girls teams joining hosts Spain in the Finals.

The final positions of all the nations Courtesy of the ITF:

Junior Davis Cup – 1. Canada 2. Germany 3. Russia 4. Japan 5. Australia 6. Argentina 7. USA 8. Czech Republic 9. Poland 10. Colombia 11. Brazil 12. Chinese Taipei 13. Spain 14. Sweden 15. South Africa 16. Hong Kong, China


Junior Fed Cup – 1. Czech Republic 2. USA 3. Canada 4. Russia 5. Australia 6. Spain 7. Italy 8. Japan 9. Brazil 10. Great Britain 11. New Zealand 12. Argentina 13. Colombia 14. Chinese Taipei 15. Netherlands 16. Egypt

Girls Final


CZECH REPUBLIC (1) defeated USA (2) 2-1:
Kayla Day (USA) d. Monika Kilnarova (CZE) 63 61
Marketa Vondrousova (CZE) d. Claire Liu (USA) 75 64
Anna Slovakova/Marketa Vondrousova (CZE) d. Kayla Day/Claire Liu (USA) 60 62

Girls 3rd-4th place play-offs


CANADA (4) defeated RUSSIA (3) 3-0:
Bianca Andreescu (CAN) d. Evgeniya Levashova (RUS) 62 62
Charlotte Robillard-Millette (CAN) d. Olesya Pervushina (RUS) 63 75
Bianca Andreescu/Vanessa Wong (CAN) d. Evgeniya Levashova/Elena Rybakina (RUS) 61 36 63

Girls 13th-14th place play-offs



Wu Fang Hsien (TPE) d. Sofia Munera (COL) 63 46 61
Emiliana Arango (COL) d. Lee Yang (TPE) 62 62
Emiliana Arango/Sofia Munera (COL) d. Chen Pei Hsuan/Wu Fang Hsien (TPE) 63 64

Girls 15th-16th place play-offs


Suzan Lamens (NED) d. Laila Elnimr (EGY) 36 76(2) 60
Isolde de Jong (NED) d. Dalila Said (EGY) 62 62
Laila Elnimr/Dalila Said (EGY) d. Merel Hoedt/Isolde de Jong (NED) 76(5) 64


Boys Final

CANADA (1) defeated GERMANY (5) 2-1:
Denis Shapovalov (CAN) d. Marvin Moeller (GER) 61 64
Nicola Kuhn (GER) d. Felix Auger-Aliassime (CAN) 63 63
Felix Auger-Aliassime/Denis Shapovalov (CAN) d. Nicola Kuhn/Marvin Moeller (GER) 63 36 62


Boys 3rd-4th place play-offs

RUSSIA (4) defeated JAPAN (8) 3-0:
Alen Avidzba (RUS) d. Yunosuke Tanaka (JPN) 64 62
Artem Dubrivnyy (RUS) d. Toru Horie (JPN) 63 60
Alen Avidzba/Mikhail Sokolovskiy d. Yuta Shimizu/Yunosuke Tanaka (JPN) 62 64


Boys 13th-14th place play-offs

SPAIN defeated SWEDEN 3-0:
Andres Fernandez Canovas (ESP) d. Linus Bergevi (SWE) 64 64
Nikolas Sanchez-Izquierdo Vivar (ESP) d. Jonas Eriksson Ziverts (SWE) 16 75 62
Alejandro Davidovich Fukina/Nikolas Sanchez-Izquierdo Vivar (ESP) d. Jonas Eriksson Ziverts/Karl Friberg (SWE) 67(5) 61 62


Boys 15th-16th place play-offs

Albertus Kruger (RSA) d. Sou Ming Chun Alan (HKG) 63 61
Richard Thongoana (RSA) d. Lam Ching (HKG) 63 62
Cheung Ngai Long/Sou Ming Chun Alan (HKG) d. Joshua Howard-Tripp/Richard Thongoana (RSA) 62 61


2015 Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup Results


(October 2, 2015) The latest results for the 2015 Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Finals at the Caja Magica in Madrid on 29 September – 4 October. Sixteen boys and 16 girls teams will take part in the competition.


Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup now in its 31st year, is the ITF’s official team competition for players aged 16-and-under. A total of 168 teams from 94 countries took part in regional qualifying in 2015, with 15 boys and 15 girls teams joining hosts Spain in the Finals. USA is defending champion in both events.


The Finals see boys and girls teams divided into four groups of four on a round-robin basis, with the top team in each group qualifying for the semifinals. Both finals will be played on Sunday 4 October. In Junior Davis Cup, the final will be between Canada and Germany. In Junior Fed Cup, Czech Republic will face USA.



Girls Semifinals


CZECH REPUBLIC (1) defeated CANADA (4) 2-1:

Bianca Andreescu (CAN) d. Monika Kilnarova (CZE) 62 46 63

Marketa Vondrousova (CZE) d. Charlotte Robillard-Millette (CAN) 60 64
Anna Slovakova/Marketa Vondrousova (CZE) d. Bianca Andreescu/Charlotte Robillard-Millette (CAN) 26 63 62


USA (2) defeated RUSSIA (3) 2-1:

Kayla Day (USA) d. Elena Rybakina (RUS) 64 63
Claire Liu (USA) d. Olesya Pervushina (RUS) 26 61 63
Evgeniya Levashova/Elena Rybakina (RUS) d. Kayla Day/Michaela Gordon (USA) 36 75 62


Girls 5th-8th place play-offs


AUSTRALIA (5) defeated JAPAN 2-1:
Seone Mendez (AUS) d. Mai Hontama (JPN) 62 75
Kimika Sakata (JPN) d. Destanee Aiava (AUS) 16 75 63
Destanee Aiava/Seone Mendez (AUS) d. Ayumi Miyamoto/Kimika Sakata (JPN) 26 76(9) 63

SPAIN (6) defeated ITALY 3-0:
Noelia Bouzo Zanotti (ESP) d. Tatiana Pieri (ITA) 61 64
Eva Guerrero Alvarez (ESP) d. Federica Bilardo (ITA) 75 63
Paula Arias Manjon/Noelia Bouzo Zanotti (ESP) d. Monica Cappelletti/Tatiana Pieri (ITA) 62 64


Girls 9th-12th place play-offs



Ali Collins (GBR) d. Paula Baranano (ARG) 64 62
Katie Swan (GBR) d. Maria Lourdes Carle (ARG) 60 75
Maria Lourdes Carle/Camila Morena (ARG) d. Ali Collins/Katie Swan (GBR) w/o

BRAZIL (8) defeated NEW ZEALAND 2-1:
Valentina Ivanov (NZL) d. Nathalia Gasparin (BRA) 62 60
Thaisa Pedretti (BRA) d. Nina Paripovich (NZL) 60 61
Nathalia Gasparin/Thaisa Pedretti (BRA) d. Lauren Alter/Valentina Ivanov (NZL) 64 75


Girls 13th-16th place play-offs


Sofia Munera (COL) d. Merel Hoedt (NED) 63 63
Emiliana Arango (COL) d. Suzan Lamens (NED) 76(5) 26 61
Merel Hoedt/Isolde de Jong (NED) d. Sofia Munera/Maria Osorio 64 63

Chen Pei Hsuan (TPE) d. Sara Ismail (EGY) 64 75
Lee Yang (TPE) d. Laila Elnimr (EGY) 76(7) 75
Lee Yang/Wu Fang Hsien (TPE) d. Sara Ismail/Dalila Said (EGY) 60 61


Boys Semifinals


CANADA (1) defeated RUSSIA (4) 3-0:
Denis Shapovalov (CAN) d. Alen Avidzba (RUS) 64 63
Felix Auger-Aliassime (CAN) d. Artem Dubrivnyy (RUS) 64 75
Felix Auger-Aliassime/Denis Shapovalov (CAN) d. Alen Avidzba/Mikhail Sokolovskiy (RUS) 61 63

GERMANY (5) defeated JAPAN (8) 2-1:

Yunosuke Tanaka (JPN) d. Marvin Moeller (GER) 63 57 64
Nicola Kuhn (GER) d. Toru Horie (JPN) 67(4) 76(2) 61
Nicola Kuhn/Marvin Moeller (GER) d. Toru Horie/Yunosuke Tanaka (JPN) 63 63


Boys 5th-8th place play-offs


ARGENTINA (6) defeated CZECH REPUBLIC (7) 2-1:
Santiago Rodriguez Taverna (ARG) d. Daniel Velek (CZE) 62 61
Tomas Etcheverry (ARG) d. Michael Vrbensky (CZE) 62 64
Daniel Velek/Michael Vrbensky (CZE) d. Camilo Ugo Carabelli/Santiago Rodriguez Taverna (ARG) 64 67(6) 61


AUSTRALIA (2) defeated USA (3) 2-1:
Blake Ellis (AUS) d. Patrick Kypson (USA) 76(5) 36 62

Vasil Kirkov (USA) d. Alex de Minaur (AUS) 64 63

Blake Ellis/Alexei Popyrin (AUS) d. Vasil Kirkov/Patrick Kypson (USA) 36 61 62


Boys 9th-12th place play-offs


Daniel Michalski (POL) d. Yu Hua Chen (TPE) 63 64
Kacper Zuk (POL) d. Huang Tsung Hao (TPE) 61 61
Hsu Tyu Hsiou/Huang Tsung Hao (TPE) d. Konrad Fryze/Kacper Zuk (POL) 36 1-0 ret.


COLOMBIA defeated BRAZIL 2-1:
Nicolas Mejia (COL) d. Enzo Kohn (BRA) 63 62
Gabriel Decamps (BRA) d. Sergio Hernandez (COL) 62 61
Alejandro Hoyos/Nicolas Mejia (COL) d. Gabriel Bugiga/Gabriel Decamps (BRA) 62 36 61


Boys 13th-16th place play-offs


SWEDEN defeated HONG KONG 3-0:
Linus Bergevi (SWE) d. Sou Ming Chun Alan (HKG) 61 62
Jonas Eriksson Ziverts (SWE) d. Lam Ching (HKG) 75 62
Linus Bergevi/Jonas Eriksson Ziverts (SWE) d. Cheung Ngai Long/Sou Ming Chun Alan (HKG) 67(5) 76(2) 64


SPAIN defeated SOUTH AFRICA 2-1:
Andres Fernandez Canovas (ESP) d. Joshua Howard-Tripp (RSA) 26 76(5) 64
Nikolas Sanchez-Izquierdo Vivar (ESP) d. Richard Thongoana (RSA) 76(2) 61
Albertus Kruger/Richard Thongoana (RSA) d. Andres Fernandez Canovas/Nikolas Sanchez-Izquierdo Vivar (ESP) 62 63

ian Todorov (GER) d. Alejandro Hoyos/Nicolas Mejia (COL) 64 57 62


Draws for Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup Finals


(September 28, 2015) The International Tennis Federation has announced the draws for the 2015 Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup Finals, held for the first time at the Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain on 29 September – 4 October. Sixteen boys and 16 girls teams will take part in the competition.


Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas, now in its 31st year, is the ITF’s official team competition for players aged 16-and-under. A total of 168 teams from 94 countries took part in regional qualifying in 2015, with 15 boys and 15 girls teams joining hosts Spain in the Finals. USA is defending champion in both events. Since the launch of the event in 1985, many of the world’s leading names have taken part in the competition, including current stars Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep, Caroline Wozniacki and Agnieszka Radwanska.


The Finals see boys and girls teams divided into four groups of four on a round-robin basis, with the top team in each group qualifying for the semifinals.


There is comprehensive coverage of the Finals on the ITF Juniors website www.itftennis.com/juniors,

Girls Group A


Czech Republic (1)

Marketa Vondrousova

Monika Kilnarova

Anna Slovakova

Captain: Patrik Navara



Destanee Aiava

Seone Mendez

Jaimee Fourlis

Captain: Rohan Fisher



Maria Lourdes Carle
Paula Baranano
Camila Moreno
Captain: Mailen Auroux



Isolde de Jong
Suzan Lamens
Merel Hoedt
Captain: Eddy Bank


Girls Group B


Canada (4)
Charlotte Robillard-Millette
Bianca Andreescu
Vanessa Wong
Captain: Ralph Platz


Great Britain
Katie Swan
Jodie Anna Burrage
Ali Collins
Captain: Lucie Ahl


Kimika Sakata
Ayumi Miyamoto
Mai Hontama
Captain: Yoshinori Nakayama


Emiliana Arango
Sofia Munera
Maria Osorio
Captain: Catalina Castano


Girls Group C


Russia (3)

Olesya Pervushina
Elena Rybakina
Evgeniya Levashova
Captain: Oxana Mishukova


Thaisa Pedretti
Nathalia Gasparin
Marcelle Cirino
Captain: Roland Santos


Chinese Taipei
Yang Lee
Fang Hsien Wu
Pei Hsuan Chen
Captain: Ming Mi Chen


Federica Bilardo
Tatiana Pieri
Monica Cappelletti
Captain: Silvia Farina


Girls Group D


USA (2)
Claire Liu
Michaela Gordon
Kayla Day
Captain: Adam Peterson


Eva Guerrero Alvarez
Noelia Bouzo Zanotti
Paula Arias Manjon
Captain: Antonio Capella Lopez


New Zealand
Nina Paripovich
Valentina Ivanov
Lauren Alter
Captain: Emma Hayman


Dalila Said
Laila Elnimr
Sara Ismail
Captain: Khaled Farouk


Boys Group A


Canada (1)
Felix Auger-Aliassime
Denis Shapovalov
Benjamin Sigouin
Captain: Oded Jacob


Czech Republic
Partik Rikl
Michael Vrbensky
Daniel Velek
Captain: Josef Cihak


Hong Kong, China
Ching Lam
Ming Chun Alan Sou
Ngai Long Cheung
Captain: Jin Jian Liu


Kacper Zuk
Konrad Fryze
Daniel Michalski
Captain: Piotr Zurawiecki


Boys Group B


Russia (4)
Artem Dubrivnyy
Alen Avidzba
Mikhail Sokolovsky
Captain: Artem Derepasko


Tomas Echeverry
Santiago Rodriguez Taverna
Camilo Ugo Carabelli
Captain: Martin Errecalde


Chinese Taipei
Yu Hsiou Hsu
Tsung Hao Huang
Hua Chen Yu
Captain: Shao Hung Yu


Karl Friberg
Jonas Eriksson Ziverts
Linus Bergevi
Captain: Pontus Norberg


Boys Group C


USA (3)
Sam Riffice
Vasil Kirkov
Patrick Kypson
Captain: Sylvain Guichard


Toru Horie
Yunosuke Tanaka
Yuta Shimizu
Captain: Ko Iwamoto


Gabriel Decamps
Gabriel Bugiga
Enzo Kohn
Captain: William Kyriakos


Alejandro Davidovich Fukina
Nikolas Sanchez-Izquierdo Vivar
Andres Fernandez Canovas
Captain: Juan Perez Herrando


Boys Group D


Australia (2)
Alex de Minaur
Alexei Popyrin
Blake Ellis
Captain: Ben Pyne


Nicola Kuhn
Marvin Moeller
Maximilian Todorov
Captain: Guido Fratzke


Sergio Hernandez
Alejandro Hoyos
Nicolas Mejia
Captain: Juan Felipe Mateus


South Africa
Richard Thongoana
Joshua Howard-Tripp
Albertus Kruger
Captain: Allan Karam


USTA President Katrina Adams Among Newly Named ITF Vice Presidents

Katrina Adams

Katrina Adams

(September 26, 2015) Katrina Adams (USA), Anil Khanna (IND) and Rene Stammbach (SUI) have today been named as ITF Vice Presidents under new ITF President David Haggerty. The decision was taken on Saturday at the first meeting of the new ITF Board of Directors in Santiago, Chile.


ITF President David Haggerty said: “The selection of Vice Presidents reflects the diversity on the new board, and the experience of these board members. The whole ITF Board is committed to working together over the next four years to enable the continued growth of the organisation.”


The full line-up of the ITF Board of Directors for the term 2015-19 is as follows:




David Haggerty (USA)


Vice Presidents


Katrina Adams (USA)

Anil Khanna (IND)

Rene Stammbach (SUI)


Board members


Martin Corrie (GBR)

Sergio Elias (CHI)

Ismail El Shafei (EGY)

Bernard Giudicelli (FRA)

Jack Graham (CAN)

Thomas Koenigsfeldt (DEN)

Celia Patrick (NZL)

Aleksei Selivanenko (RUS)

Stefan Tzvetkov (BUL)

Bulat Utemuratov (KAZ)


Former USTA President David Haggerty Elected ITF President

January 12, 2012- CTDW Leadership - David A. Haggerty

January 12, 2012- CTDW Leadership – David A. Haggerty

From the ITF: (September 25, 2015) David Haggerty was elected ITF President at the ITF Annual General Meeting in Santiago, Chile on Friday. The 58-year old from the United States succeeds Francesco Ricci Bitti, whose 16-year term as ITF President ends today. Haggerty will serve a four-year term from 2015-19.


Haggerty was elected on the second ballot with 200 votes, over Anil Khanna (IND) with 192 votes. Rene Stammbach (SUI) and Juan Margets (ESP) were eliminated on the first ballot.


Haggerty is an experienced tennis administrator, having held a variety of roles within the United States Tennis Association (USTA) since 2001 and within the ITF since 2009. He served as Chairman, CEO and President of the USTA in 2013-14, and was a Vice President on the ITF Board of Directors in 2013-15. He is a former President of the Tennis Industry Association and a current board member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.


Away from tennis administration, Haggerty had a 30-year career in the racket industry, and is a former Chairman of Head USA, President of Penn Racquet Sports, and President of Dunlop Maxfli Slazenger Sports.


Outgoing president Francesco Ricci Bitti said: “I would like to congratulate David Haggerty on his election as ITF President, and wish him all the best for the future. It has been my pleasure to serve as President for the last 16 years, and I am confident that under David’s leadership, the organisation can continue to grow with the support of the ITF staff and our 210 member nations.”


2016 Davis Cup Draw Announced


From the ITF: (September 23, 2014) The International Tennis Federation has announced the Draw for the 2016 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, which took place on Wednesday evening at the ITF AGM in Santiago, Chile.


Individual draws were made for the 2016 World Group, Americas Zone Group I, Asia/Oceania Zone Groups I and II, and Europe/Africa Zone Group I. The draws for Americas Zone Group II and Europe/Africa Zone Group II will be held following the three remaining Davis Cup play-off ties on 30 October – 1 November.


The 2016 World Group dates are as follows:


World Group first round: 4-6 March

World Group quarterfinals: 15-17 July

World Group semifinals and play-offs: 16-18 September

World Group Final: 25-27 November


2016 Draws


World Group


First round (4-6 March)


Great Britain [s] [c] [*] v Japan

Serbia [s] [c] [*] v Kazakhstan

Italy [c] v Switzerland [s]

Poland [c] [*] v Argentina [s]

France [s] [c] v Canada

Germany [c] v Czech Republic [s]

Australia [s] [c] v USA

Belgium [s] [c] v Croatia
Americas Zone Group I


First round (4-6 March)


Brazil [s] v Bye


Barbados or Uruguay v Ecuador


Chile [c] v Dominican Republic


Colombia [s] v Bye
Asia/Oceania Zone Group I


First round (4-6 March)


India [s] v Bye


Korea, Rep. [c] v New Zealand


Pakistan [c] v China, P.R.


Uzbekistan [s] v Bye
Europe/Africa Zone Group I


First round (4-6 March)


Spain [s] v Bye


Romania v Lithuania or Slovenia


Ukraine [s] v Bye


Portugal [c] v Austria


Russia v Denmark or Sweden


Netherlands [s] v Bye


Hungary [c] v Israel


Slovakia [s] v Bye
Asia/Oceania Zone Group II


First round (4-6 March)


Chinese Taipei [s] [c] v Malaysia


Philippines [s] [c] v Kuwait


Indonesia [s] [c] v Vietnam


Thailand [s] [c] v Sri Lanka


[s] = Seeded nation

[c] = Choice of ground

[*] = Choice of ground decided by lot


The home nation is listed first for each tie.


Belgium to Host Davis Cup Final Against Great Britain on clay in Ghent


(September 23, 2015) The Davis Cup final between Belgium and Great Britain will be played in Ghent indoors on clay. The International Tennis Federation announced that Tennis Vlaanderen has nominated the Flanders Expo to host the 2015 Davis Cup World Group Final November 27-29.


The Flanders Expo is a multi-use indoor arena made up of eight halls. Hall 1, which has a seating capacity of 13,000 will be used for the final


Tennis Vlaanderen President Dirk de Maeseneer said to the ITF: “Ghent will fully support the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final. As the third biggest city in Belgium, it has a lot of experience in hosting top international events, such as the Tour of Flanders, the arrival of the Tour de France in 2007 and the Gymnastics World Championships in 2001 and 2013.”


Great Britain advanced to the final when they defeated Australia 3-2 in Galsgow, with British No. 1 Andy Murray won all three rubbers for his squad – his two singles matches and the doubles with his brother Jamie.

Belgium came back to defeat Argentina 3-2 in Brussels. This will be a rematch of the 1904 Davis Cup final when Britain shutout Belgium 5-0. This will be Belgium’s second final. Great Britain last won the Davis Cup in 1936.

Murray tweeted on Wednesday:


International Tennis Federation to Elect New President at 2015 ITF Annual General Meeting


From the International Tennis Federation: (September 22, 2015) The ITF will elect its new President at the 2015 ITF Annual General Meeting in Santiago, Chile on Friday 25 September. The AGM programme will be hosted by the Chilean Tennis Federation at the Santiago Marriott Hotel on 23-25 September, with over 280 delegates, partners and staff from National Associations, Regional Associations, Foundation Members and Recognised Organisations.

The following four candidates are standing for the position of ITF President for a four-year term from 2015-19. The new President will replace outgoing ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti, who has decided to step down after 16 years in office.


David Haggerty (USA)

Anil Khanna (IND)

Juan Margets Lobato (ESP)

Rene Stammbach (SUI)


Elections will also be held for the new ITF Board of Directors for a four-year term from 2015-19. The following 26 candidates are standing for 13 positions on the Board:


Katrina Adams (USA)

*  Tarak Cherif (TUN)

Martin Corrie (GBR)

Goran Djokovic (SRB)

*  Sergio Elias (CHI)

Ismail El Shafei (EGY)

Jose Luis Escanuela Romana (ESP)

Luisanna Fodde (ITA)

Rodolfo Garcia Muriel (MEX)

Bernard Giudicelli (FRA)

*  Jack Graham (CAN)

*  David Haggerty (USA)

*  Stephen Healy (AUS)

*  Anil Khanna (IND)

Ulrich Klaus (GER)

Thomas Koenigsfeldt (DEN)

Jorge Lacerda da Rosa (BRA)

Celia Patrick (NZL)

Aleksei Selivanenko (RUS)

*  Rene Stammbach (SUI)

Predrag Stojcevic (CRO)

Marina Tauber (MDA)

Stefan Tzvetkov (BUL)

Ayda Uluc (TUR)

Bulat Utemuratov (KAZ)

Karin van Bijsterveld (NED)

* Incumbent Board Member


The Draw for the 2016 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas will be held during the AGM at the Santiago Marriott Hotel on Wednesday 23 September at 19:00 local time (22:00 GMT). At Friday’s AGM, nations will also vote on the introduction of fifth set tiebreaks in Davis Cup starting in 2016.


Ahead of the formal AGM, Regional Association meetings will be held on Wednesday, while Key Issues sessions will take place on Thursday. Awards for Services to the Game will also be presented during the week.


The ITF is the world governing body of tennis and beach tennis, responsible for the rules of both sports and maintaining the integrity of tennis. The ITF is the owner and rightsholder of the two largest annual international team competitions in sport, Davis Cup by BNP Paribas and Fed Cup by BNP Paribas, and manages the Olympic Tennis Event on behalf of the IOC. The ITF’s highly regarded Tennis Development Department oversees the development of tennis worldwide and, through its Science and Technical Department, monitors both equipment and technology. Its Officiating Department oversees the education and advancement of officials worldwide. The ITF organises over 1,000 weeks of men’s and women’s professional tournaments on the ITF Pro Circuit and manages the ITF Junior Circuit and team competitions, the ITF Beach Tennis Tour, the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour and the ITF Seniors Circuit. The ITF also manages the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme on behalf of the sport and is a partner in the Tennis Integrity Unit. Visit www.itftennis.com, www.twitter.com/ITF_Tennis, www.Facebook.com/InternationalTennisFederation



Seeds Announced for 2016 Davis Cup Draw


(September 21, 2015) Great Britain and Belgium head the seeds for the Draw for the World Group of the 2016 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, which will take place at the ITF AGM in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday 23 September at 19:00 local time (22:00 GMT). The Draw will be streamed live on www.daviscup.com.


The draws for 2016 Americas Zone Group I, Asia/Oceania Zone Groups I and II, and Europe/Africa Zone Group I will also take place in Santiago. The draws for Americas Zone Group II and Europe/Africa Zone Group II will be held following the remaining Davis Cup play-off ties on 30 October – 1 November.


According to the Davis Cup Regulations, the two finalist nations are seeded No. 1 and No. 2 in the World Group for the following year, and will be drawn in opposite halves. Seeds 3-8 are in accordance with the latest ITF Davis Cup Nations Ranking of 21 September.


World Group


  1. Great Britain
  2. Belgium
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Switzerland
  5. France
  6. Argentina
  7. Serbia
  8. Australia


The seeded nations will be drawn against the remaining World Group nations: Canada, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Poland and USA.


[Please note that Great Britain and USA, and Canada and Japan will both be drawn in opposite halves of the draw as per the Davis Cup Regulation that states “If two Nations have met each other in two successive years in the first round, in the third year they will be drawn in different halves of the draw.”]


Seeds for the Zone Group I and Group II competitions are also based on the latest Davis Cup Nations Ranking.


Americas Zone Group I


  1. Brazil
  2. Colombia


Remaining Nations: Winner of Barbados v Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic and Ecuador


Asia/Oceania Zone Group I


  1. India
  2. Uzbekistan


Remaining Nations: China P.R., Korea Rep., New Zealand and Pakistan


Asia/Oceania Zone Group II


  1. Chinese Taipei
  2. Thailand
  3. Philippines
  4. Indonesia


Remaining Nations: Kuwait, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam


Europe/Africa Zone Group I

  1. Spain
  2. Slovakia
  3. Netherlands
  4. Ukraine


Remaining Nations: Austria, Winner of Denmark v Sweden, Hungary, Israel, Winner of Lithuania v Slovenia, Portugal, Romania and Russia



The World Group dates for the 2016 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas are as follows:


World Group first round: 4-6 March

World Group quarterfinals: 15-17 July

World Group semifinals and play-offs: 16-18 September

World Group Final: 25-27 November


Belgium and Great Britain Advance to Davis Cup Final; Davis Cup Results for September 20, 2015

(September 20, 2015) The ITF has announced the final results for the Davis Cup World Group semifinals, World Group play-offs and Zone Group ties taking place on 18-20 September.


Belgium will host the 2015 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final against Great Britain on 27-29 November, after Belgium defeated Argentina 3-2, and Great Britain defeated Australia 3-2 in the semifinals. The deadline for confirmation of the Final venue is Monday 28 September.


Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Switzerland and USA will all contest the 2016 World Group after victories in the World Group play-offs. The eight losers of the World Group play-offs, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, India, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia and Uzbekistan, will all contest their respective Zone Group I competitions in 2016.


The Draw for the 2016 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas will be held during the ITF AGM in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday 23 September at 19:00 local time (22:00 GMT). The Draw will be streamed live on www.daviscup.com [Note: it may not be possible to hold all the Zone Group draws for the Americas and Europe/Africa as there are still further ties to be played in these regions.]


The seeds for the 2016 Davis Cup Draw will be announced on Monday 21 September. The top two seeds in the 2016 World Group will be the two finalists from 2015, while the remaining seeds will be based on the new Davis Cup Nations Ranking of 21 September.





Venue: Emirates Arena, Glasgow, GBR (hard – indoor)


Andy Murray (GBR) d. Thanasi Kokkinakis (AUS) 63 60 63

Bernard Tomic (AUS) d. Daniel Evans (GBR) 63 76(2) 67(4) 64

Andy Murray/Jamie Murray (GBR) d. Samuel Groth/Lleyton Hewitt (AUS) 46 63 64 67(6) 64

Andy Murray (GBR) d. Bernard Tomic (AUS) 75 63 62

Thanasi Kokkinakis (AUS) d. Daniel Evans (GBR) 75 64



Venue: Forest National, Brussels, BEL (hard – indoor)


David Goffin (BEL) d. Federico Delbonis (ARG) 75 76(3) 63

Leonardo Mayer (ARG) d. Steve Darcis (BEL) 76(5) 76(1) 46 63

Carlos Berlocq/Leonardo Mayer (ARG) d. Ruben Bemelmans/Steve Darcis (BEL) 62 76(2) 57 76(5)

David Goffin (BEL) d. Diego Schwartzman (ARG) 63 62 61

Steve Darcis (BEL) d. Federico Delbonis (ARG) 64 26 75 76(3)






Venue: R.K.Khanna Tennis Stadium, New Delhi, IND (hard – outdoor)


Lukas Rosol (CZE) d. Yuki Bhambri (IND) 62 61 75

Somdev Devvarman (IND) d. Jiri Vesely (CZE) 76(3) 64 63

Adam Pavlasek/Radek Stepanek (CZE) d. Rohan Bopanna/Leander Paes (IND) 75 62 62

Jiri Vesely (CZE) d. Yuki Bhambri (IND) 63 75 62

Somdev Devvarman (IND) v Lukas Rosol (CZE) – not played



Venue: Palexpo, Geneva, SUI (hard – indoor)


Stan Wawrinka (SUI) d. Thiemo de Bakker (NED) 26 63 46 63 75

Roger Federer (SUI) d. Jesse Huta Galung (NED) 63 64 63

Thiemo de Bakker/Matwe Middelkoop (NED) d. Marco Chiudinelli/Roger Federer (SUI) 76(7) 46 46 64 61

Roger Federer (SUI) d. Thiemo de Bakker (NED) 63 62 64

Henri Laaksonen (SUI) d. Tim Van Rijthoven (NED) 76(11) 63


ITALY defeated RUSSIA 4-1

Venue: Sports Palace ‘Baikal-Arena’, Irkutsk, RUS (hard – indoor)


Teymuraz Gabashvili (RUS) d. Simone Bolelli (ITA) 76(2) 61 63

Fabio Fognini (ITA) d. Andrey Rublev (RUS) 76(8) 62 62

Simone Bolelli/Fabio Fognini (ITA) d. Evgeny Donskoy/Konstantin Kravchuk (RUS) 75 26 76(5) 76(2)

Fabio Fognini (ITA) d. Teymuraz Gabashvili (RUS) 76(4) 63 76(5)

Paolo Lorenzi (ITA) d. Konstantin Kravchuk (RUS) 64 76(3)


USA defeated UZBEKISTAN 3-1

Venue: Olympic Tennis School, Tashkent, UZB (clay – outdoor)


Denis Istomin (UZB) d. Steve Johnson (USA) 61 36 76(5) 67(3) 75

Jack Sock (USA) d. Farrukh Dustov (UZB) 75 63 62

Steve Johnson/Sam Querrey (USA) d. Farrukh Dustov/Denis Istomin (UZB) 63 62 62

Jack Sock (USA) d. Denis Istomin (UZB) 62 26 64 64

Farrukh Dustov (UZB) v Steve Johnson (USA) – not played


JAPAN defeated COLOMBIA 3-2

Venue: Club Campestre, Pereira, COL (clay – outdoor)


Santiago Giraldo (COL) d. Taro Daniel (JPN) 64 63 36 16 64

Kei Nishikori (JPN) d. Alejandro Falla (COL) 76(3) 76(1) 75

Juan-Sebastian Cabal/Robert Farah (COL) d. Yoshihito Nishioka/Yasutaka Uchiyama (JPN) 67(4) 62 63 62

Kei Nishikori (JPN) d. Santiago Giraldo (COL) 64 62 76(3)

Taro Daniel (JPN) d. Alejandro Falla (COL) 76(3) 63 62



Venue: Centro Nacional De Tenis Parque Del Este, Santo Domingo, DOM (hard – outdoor)


Victor Estrella Burgos (DOM) d. Dustin Brown (GER) 64 57 76(3) 76(5)

Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) d. Jose Hernandez-Fernandez (DOM) 61 63 61

Philipp Kohlschreiber/Philipp Petzschner (GER) d. Victor Estrella Burgos/Jose Hernandez-Fernandez (DOM) 63 62 63

Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) d. Victor Estrella Burgos (DOM) 64 61 62

Benjamin Becker (GER) d. Roberto Cid (DOM) 64 76(4)


CROATIA defeated BRAZIL 3-1

Venue: Costao do Santinho Resort, Florianopolis, BRA (clay – outdoor)


Thomaz Bellucci (BRA) d. Mate Delic (CRO) 61 64 36 64

Borna Coric (CRO) d. Joao Souza (BRA) 64 76(5) 61

Ivan Dodig/Franko Skugor (CRO) d. Marcelo Melo/Bruno Soares (BRA) 60 36 76(2) 76(3)

Borna Coric (CRO) d. Thomaz Bellucci (BRA) 62 46 76(4) 40

Joao Souza (BRA) v Mate Delic (CRO) – not played


POLAND defeated SLOVAKIA 3-2

Venue: Gdynia Arena, Gdynia, POL (hard – indoor)


Martin Klizan (SVK) d. Michal Przysiezny (POL) 64 64 64

Jerzy Janowicz (POL) d. Norbert Gombos (SVK) 76(1) 64 67(5) 62

Lukasz Kubot/Marcin Matkowski (POL) d. Andrej Martin/Igor Zelenay (SVK) 63 64 64

Martin Klizan (SVK) d. Jerzy Janowicz (POL) 63 76(4) 63

Michal Przysiezny (POL) d. Norbert Gombos (SVK) 63 64 64





SPAIN defeated DENMARK 5-0

Venue: Odense Idrætshal, Odense, DEN (hard – indoor)


Rafael Nadal (ESP) d. Mikael Torpegaard (DEN) 64 63 62

David Ferrer (ESP) d. Frederik Nielsen (DEN) 61 75 62

Rafael Nadal/Fernando Verdasco (ESP) d. Thomas Kromann/Frederik Nielsen (DEN) 64 36 76(4) 64

Roberto Bautista Agut (ESP) d. Frederik Nielsen (DEN) 63 64

David Ferrer (ESP) d. Mikael Torpegaard (DEN) 61 63



Venue: Siemens Arena, Vilnius, LTU (hard – indoor)


Ricardas Berankis (LTU) d. Vladyslav Manafov (UKR) 64 62 62

Illya Marchenko (UKR) d. Laurynas Grigelis (LTU) 60 61 67(5) 46 63

Illya Marchenko/Denys Molchanov (UKR) d. Ricardas Berankis/Laurynas Grigelis (LTU) 76(4) 67(3) 64 62

Illya Marchenko (UKR) d. Ricardas Berankis (LTU) 75 62 62

Marat Deviatiarov (UKR) d. Lukas Mugevicius (LTU) 61 63





CHINA, P.R. defeated THAILAND 5-0

Venue: The National Tennis Development Centre, Nonthaburi, THA (hard – outdoor)


Ze Zhang (CHN) d. Warit Sornbutnark (THA) 61 60 60

Di Wu (CHN) d. Pruchya Isarow (THA) 76(6) 62 62

Mao-Xin Gong/Zhe Li (CHN) d. Sanchai Ratiwatana/Sonchat Ratiwatana (THA) 76(6) 26 76(3) 10  ret.

Ze Zhang (CHN) d. Pruchya Isarow (THA) 64 61

Zhe Li (CHN) d. Warit Sornbutnark (THA) 61 60






Venue: National Tennis Centre, St. Michael, BAR (hard – outdoor)


Darian King (BAR) d. Ivan Endara (ECU) 64 64 62

Emilio Gomez (ECU) d. Haydn Lewis (BAR) 61 76(1) 64

Gonzalo Escobar/Emilio Gomez (ECU) d. Darian King/Russell Moseley (BAR) 63 64 61

Darian King (BAR) d. Emilio Gomez (ECU) 75 76(3) 61

Gonzalo Escobar (ECU) d. Seanon Williams (BAR) 62 61 60






Venue: Clube de Ténis de Viana, Viana do Castelo, POR (clay – outdoor)


Egor Gerasimov (BLR) d. Joao Sousa (POR) 06 16 62 62 64

Gastao Elias (POR) d. Uladzimir Ignatik (BLR) 63 76(3) 75

Gastao Elias/Joao Sousa (POR) d. Sergey Betov/Max Mirnyi (BLR) 76(3) 46 63 67(5) 63

Joao Sousa (POR) d. Uladzimir Ignatik (BLR) 61 61 64

Egor Gerasimov (BLR) d. Rui Machado (POR) 67(3) 61 64



Venue: Bulgarian National Tennis Center, Sofia, BUL (clay – outdoor)


Peter Nagy (HUN) d. Dimitar Kutrovsky (BUL) 64 60 63

Marton Fucsovics (HUN) d. Dimitar Kuzmanov (BUL) 63 61 61

Tihomir Grozdanov/Aleksandar Lazov (BUL) d. Marton Fucsovics/Levente Godry (HUN) 26 76(3) 64 46 61

Marton Fucsovics (HUN) d. Aleksandar Lazov (BUL) 63 64 62

Dimitar Kuzmanov (BUL) d. Gabor Borsos (HUN) 62 67(2) 62






Venue: Ulusal Tenis Egitim Merkezi Tennis Club, Izmir, TUR (hard – outdoor)


Aqeel Khan (PAK) d. Jui-Chen Hung (TPE) 57 64 61 64

Jimmy Wang (TPE) d. Samir Iftikhar (PAK) 63 62 60

Aqeel Khan/Aisam Qureshi (PAK) d. Chieh-Fu Wang/Jimmy Wang (TPE) 62 63 36 63

Chieh-Fu Wang (TPE) d. Aqeel Khan (PAK) 67(2) 62 76(5) 16 63

Aisam Qureshi (PAK) d. Jui-Chen Hung (TPE) 76(3) 46 64 63





CHILE defeated VENEZUELA 5-0

Venue: Club Palestino, Santiago, CHI (clay – outdoor)


Gonzalo Lama (CHI) d. Ricardo Rodriguez (VEN) 64 61 75

Hans Podlipnik-Castillo (CHI) d. Jordi Munoz-Abreu (VEN) 64 63 63

Christian Garin/Hans Podlipnik-Castillo (CHI) d. Luis David Martinez/Ricardo Rodriguez (VEN) 76(0) 64 76(2)

Juan Carlos Saez (CHI) d. Miguel Angel Este (VEN) 63 62

Gonzalo Lama (CHI) d. Jordi Munoz-Abreu (VEN) 61 63