Ana Konjuh Wins First WTA Title at Nottingham Open

NOTTINGHAM - ENGLAND - JUNE 15: Ana Konjuh of Croatia celebrates winning the Aegon Open Nottingham against Monica Niculescu of Romania with the Elena Baltacha Trophy on day eight of the WTA Aegon Open Nottingham at Nottingham Tennis Centre on June 15, 2015 in Nottingham, England.  (Photo by Jon Buckle/Getty Images for LTA)

NOTTINGHAM – ENGLAND – JUNE 15: Ana Konjuh of Croatia celebrates winning the Aegon Open Nottingham against Monica Niculescu of Romania with the Elena Baltacha Trophy on day eight of the WTA Aegon Open Nottingham at Nottingham Tennis Centre on June 15, 2015 in Nottingham, England. (Photo by Jon Buckle/Getty Images for LTA)

(June 15, 2015) Croatian teen Ana Konjuh won her first WTA tour title on Monday defeating Monica Niculescu 1-6, 6-4, 6-2 in a rain-delayed Nottingham Open final.

For the 17-year-old, former winner of junior titles at both the Australian and U.S. Opens, it was her third match in two days after playing both her quarterfinal and semifinal matches on Sunday.

Konjuh, who is the only under-18 player in women’s top 100, broke Niculescu’s serve four times in the final two sets at the Nottingham Tennis Centre.


“It means a lot, especially because it’s the first year here,” the world No. 87 Konjuh said. “It feels great, I didn’t expect it. I came here two days before to acclimatize on grass, and after five matches I’ve won the tournament, so it feels great.


“The first set wasn’t going my way but I had to stay calm. I just knew that my game was going to come and I did it much better in the second set. I’m really glad to get that win today.”


“She’s an uncomfortable player, especially on grass with that many slices,” Konjuh said of her opponent. “It’s so frustrating. She had that experience and took the first set because I wasn’t ready for it.”


“I had a perfect week and I hope to see everyone next year.

“I will remember it. It’s going to hold a special place in my heart, this tournament.”


World No. 61 Niculescu said: “Maybe I was not at my best in the final, I was a bit tired. She was serving and hitting the ball very hard. My return was not great, I was struggling a little bit. I’m happy to be here because I had so many tough three-set matches and came straight from Marseille in the heat and had to come to a new surface. But I’m really happy about this week and I’m really positive. My ranking will be better after this final hopefully. Life goes on.

“I don’t want to take away from her title because she played amazing.


“She played well, she deserved it. She’s a young, up and coming player. To have a title at 17, it’s amazing. I see her going very far in the rankings. This is just the beginning for her.”


BNP Paribas World Team Cup Wheelchair Tennis Results for May 30


(May 30, 2015) Saturday’s results from the 2015 BNP Paribas World Team Cup wheelchair tennis event at the Club Ali Bey Manavgat in Antalya, Turkey on 25-31 May. A total of 52 teams from 28 countries are competing in four categories: men, women, quad and junior.


USA won their ninth quad title after beating Japan in the quad’s world group, while Spain won the title in the men’s world group II by beating South Africa.

Tomorrow France and Great Britain will compete in the final for the men’s world group.


The BNP Paribas World Team Cup, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2015, is the ITF’s flagship wheelchair tennis event, often referred to as the Davis and Fed Cups of wheelchair tennis. The initial event took place in California in 1985 involving six men’s teams. The women’s competition began the following year, with quad and junior events introduced in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Due to the increased number of teams wanting to take part, the ITF introduced regional qualifying for the men’s and women’s events in 2012.

For the latest news and results, visit the ITF wheelchair tennis website: www.itftennis.com/wheelchair


Quad’s World Group – Final

USA (1) defeated JAPAN 2-1

Shota Kawano (JPN) d. Nick Taylor (USA) 64 60

David Wagner (USA) d. Mitsuteru Moroishi (JPN) 60 61
Nick Taylor/David Wagner (USA) d. Shota Kawano/Mitsutery Moroishi (JPN) 62 64


Quad’s World Group – Position 3-4


ISRAEL defeated ITALY 3-0

Itay Erenlib (ISR) d. Marco Innocenti (ITA) 64 60

Shraga Weinberg (ISR) d. Alberto Corradi (ITA) 63 16 63

Itay Erenlib/Haim Lev (ISR) d. Alberto Corradi/Marco Innocenti (ITA) 61 62


Men’s World Group II – Final


SPAIN (3) defeated SOUTH AFRICA (2) 2-1

Martin de la Puente (ESP) d. Leon Els (RSA) 62 76(4)

Evans Maripa (RSA) d. Daniel Caverzaschi (ESP) 63 62

Daniel Caverzaschi/Roberto Chamizo (ESP) d. Evans Maripa/Marshall Marsh (RSA) 64 60


Men’s World Group II – Position 3-4


MALAYSIA (4) defeated THAILAND 2-0

Ariffahmi Zaquan (MAS) d. Wittaya Peem-Mee (THA) 75 26 76(8)

Abu Samah Borhan (MAS) d. Suthi Klongrhau (THA) 63 62

Ariffahmi Zaquan Ariffin/Abu Samah Borhan (MAS) v Suthi Klongrhau/Wittaya Peem-Mee (THA) not played


Men’s World Group – Position 5-6


SWEDEN defeated BELGIUM 2-1

Peter Vikstrom (SWE) d. Gert Vos (BEL) 63 60

Joachim Gerard (BEL) d. Stefan Olsson (SWE) 67(5) 75 61

Stefan Olsson/Peter Vikstrom (SWE) d. Joachim Gerard/Gert Vos (BEL) 62 26 [10-2]


Men’s World Group – Position 7-8



Ricky Molier (NED) d. Josef Riegler (AUT) 63 62

Maikel Scheffers (NED) d. Martin Legner (AUT) 60 61

Ricky Molier/Maikel Scheffers (NED) d. Martin Legner/Josef Riegler (AUT) 64 61


Men’s World Group – Position 9-10


KOREA defeated ARGENTINA 2-1

Ho-Won Im (KOR) d. Gustavo Ibanez (ARG) 61 60

Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) d. Sang-Ho Oh (KOR) 61 61

Ho-Won Im/Ha-Gel Lee (KOR) d. Ezequiel Casco/Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) 63 62


Men’s World Group – Position 11-12


USA defeated POLAND 2-0

Steve Baldwin (USA) d. Piotr Jaroszewski (POL) 61 62

Jon Rydberg (USA) d. Kamil Fabisiak (POL) 63 63

Hunter Groce/Jon Rydberg (USA) v Kamil Fabisiak/Piotr Jaroszewski (POL) not played


Women’s World Group – Position 5-6


THAILAND defeated USA 2-1

Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) d. Wanitha Inthanin (THA) 63 60

Sakhon Khanthasit (THA) d. Emmy Kaiser (USA) 26 76(5) 62

WanithaInthanin/Sakhon Khanthasit (THA) d. Dana Mathewson/Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) 63 63


Women’s World Group – Position 7-8



Mariska Venter (RSA) d. Emilie Chene (FRA) 26 75 62

Charlotte Famin (FRA) d. Kgothatso Montjane (RSA) 63 75

Charlotte Famin/Emmanuelle Morch (FRA) d. Thondalwethu Hlatshwayo/Mariska Venter (RSA) 62 61


Women’s World Group – Position 9-10


CHILE defeated AUSTRALIA 2-0

Macarena Cabrillana (CHI) d. Luba Josevski (AUS) 60 61

Francisca Mardones (CHI) d. Sarah Calati (AUS) 62 57 61

Macarena Cabrillana/Francisca Mardones (CHI) v Sarah Calati/Luba Josevski (AUS) not played


Women’s World Group – Position 11-12


COLOMBIA defeated TURKEY 2-1

Angelica Bernal (COL) d. Julide Yildiz (TUR) 60 60

Bursa Un (TUR) d. Johana Martinez Vega (COL) 57 75 63

Angelica Bernal/Johana Martinez (COL) d. Busra Un/Julide Yildiz (TUR) 62 63


BNP Paribas World Team Cup Wheelchair Tennis Results for May 27


(May 27, 2015) Wednesday’s results from the 2015 BNP Paribas World Team Cup wheelchair tennis event at the Club Ali Bey Manavgat in Antalya, Turkey on 25-31 May. A total of 52 teams from 28  countries are competing in four categories: men, women, quad and junior.


The BNP Paribas World Team Cup, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2015, is the ITF’s flagship wheelchair tennis event, often referred to as the Davis and Fed Cups of wheelchair tennis. The initial event took place in California in 1985 involving six men’s teams. The women’s competition began the following year, with quad and junior events introduced in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Due to the increased number of teams wanting to take part, the ITF introduced regional qualifying for the men’s and women’s events in 2012.


For the latest news and results, visit the ITF wheelchair tennis website: www.itftennis.com/wheelchair




Pool A


Dave Phillipson (GBR) d. Ezequiel Casco (ARG) 63 62

Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) d. Gordon Reid (GBR) 16 61 64

Alfie Hewett/Gordon Reid (GBR) d. Ezequiel Casco/Gustavo Fernandez (ARG) 63 62


Pool B


FRANCE defeated POLAND 3-0
Frederic Cattaneo (FRA) d. Albin Batycki (POL) 60 60

Nicolas Peifer (FRA) d. Kamil Fabisiak (POL) 61 60

David Dalmasso/Michael Jeremiasz (FRA) d. Kamil Fabisiak/Piotr Jaroszewski (POL) 63 61


Pool C



Ben Weekes (AUS) d. Sang-Ho Oh (KOR) 46 64 62

Adam Kellerman (AUS) d. Ha-Gel Lee (KOR) 62 76(0)

Adam Kellerman/Ben Weekes (AUS) d. Ha-Gel Lee/Sang-Ho Oh (KOR) 63 75


Pool D


JAPAN defeated USA 3-0
Satoshi Saida (JPN) d. Steve Baldwin (USA) 62 75
Takashi Sanada (JPN) d. Jon Rydberg (USA) 61 63
Satoshi Saida/Takashi Sanada (JPN) d. Hunter Groce/Jon Rydberg (USA) 63 60





Pool A


THAILAND defeated BRAZIL 2-1

Carlos Santos (BRA) d. Wittaya Peem-Mee (THA) 64 60
Suthi Klongrhau (THA) d. Daniel Rodrigues (BRA) 64 16 64

Suthi Klongrhau/ Wittaya Peem-Mee (THA) d. Rafael Medeiros/Mauricio Pomme (BRA) 63 62


Pool B


Daniel Dalla Pellegrina (SUI) d. Leon Els (RSA) 62 46 64

Evans Maripa (RSA) d. Herbert Josef Keller (SUI) 60 63
Evans Maripa/Marshall Marsh (RSA) d. Daniel Dalla Pellegrina/Hakan Gungor (SUI) 61 61


Pool C



Anthony Dittmar (GER) d. Ariffahmi Zaquan Ariffin (MAS) 62 75

Abu Samah Borhan (MAS) d. Sven Hiller (GER) 61 61
Ariffahmi Zaquan Ariffin/Abu Samah Borhan (MAS) d. Anthony Dittmar/Sven Hiller 64 60


Pool D


SPAIN defeated SRI LANKA 3-0
Martin De La Puente (ESP) d. Upali Rajakaruna (SRI) 57 64 63
Daniel Caverzaschi (ESP) d. Gamini Dissanayake (SRI) 64 61
Daniel Caverzaschi/Roberto Chamizo (ESP) d. Gamini Dissanayake/Upali Rajakaruna (SRI) w/o





Pool A



Aniek Van Koot (NED) d. Mariska Venter (RSA) 61 61

Jiske Griffioen (NED) d. Kgothatso Montjane (RSA) 62 61

Diede De Groot/Aniek Van Koot (NED) d. Thondalwethu Hlatshwayo/Mariska Venter (RSA) 62 60


Pool B


Katharina Krueger (GER) d. Wanitha Inthanin (THA) 61 75

Sabine Ellerbrock (GER) d. Sakhon Khanthasit (THA) 62 36 61

Wanitha Inthanin/Sakhon Khanthasit (THA) d. Sabine Ellerbrock/Katharina Krueger (GER) 46 63 [10-6]


Pool C 


JAPAN defeated FRANCE 2-1
Kanako Domori (JPN) d. Emilie Chene (FRA) 62 61

Yui Kamiji (JPN) d. Charlotte Famin (FRA) 62 64

Charlotte Famin/Emmanuelle Morch (FRA) d. Kanako Domori/Miho Nijo (JPN) 63 64

Pool D


GREAT BRITAIN defeated USA 3-0
Lucy Shuker (GBR) d. Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) 76(8) 36 62

Jordanne Whiley (GBR) d. Emmy Kaiser (USA) 62 46 60

Lucy Shuker/Jordanne Whiley (GBR) d. Dana Mathewson/Kaitlyn Verfuerth (USA) 63 61





Pool A


USA defeated KOREA REP. 3-0
Bryan Barten (USA) d. Myoung-Sic Nam (KOR) 61 61

Greg Hasterok (USA) d. Deok-Gy Kim (KOR) 62 61

Bryan Barten/Greg Hasterok (USA) d. Deok-Gy Kim/Ho-Sang Wang (KOR) 60 62


JAPAN defeated CANADA 3-0

Shota Kawano (JPN) d. Sarah Hunter (CAN) 64 62

Mitsuteru Moroishi (JPN) d. Gary Luker (CAN) 63 63

Shinichi Hirata/Mitsuteru Moroishi (JPN) d. Sarah Hunter/Rob Shaw (CAN) 64 64


Pool B


Haim Lev (ISR) d. James Shaw (GBR) w/o

Jamie Burdekin (GBR) d. Itay Erenlib (ISR) 61 64

Itay Erenlib/Shraga Weinberg (ISR) d. Jamie Burdekin/James Shaw (GBR) w/o


Marco Innocenti (ITA) d. Bongani Dlamini (RSA) 61 60

Lucas Sithole (RSA) d. Alfredo Di Cosmo (ITA) 61 60

Alberto Corradi/Marco Innocenti (ITA) d. Bongani Dlamini/Lucas Sithole (RSA) 63 26 [11-9]





Pool A


RUSSIA defeated BELGIUM 2-1
Artur Saitgareev (RUS) d. Justin Peraux (BEL) 60 60

Jef Vandorpe (BEL) d. Viktoriia Lvova (RUS) 61 63

Viktoriia Lvova/ Artur Saitgareev (RUS) d. Justin Peraux/Jef Vandorpe (BEL) 61 62


Ruben Spaargaren (NED) d. Oguzhan Gunes (TUR) 62 61

Sam Schroder (NED) d. Ayse Gul Zararsiz (TUR) 61 60

Mitchel Graauw/Ruben Spaargaren (NED) d. Oguzhan Gunes/Ayse Gul Zararsiz (TUR) 60 60


Pool B


USA defeated SWITZERLAND 3-0
Casey Ratzlaff (USA) d. Angela Maria Grosswiler (SUI) 60 60

Conner Stroud (USA) d. Nalani Buob (SUI) 60 60

Christopher Herman/Conner Stroud (USA) d. Nalani Buob/Angela Maria Grosswiler 61 60



Antonella Pralong (ARG) d. Ruairi Logan (GBR) 63 64

Facundo Palacio (ARG) d. Luz Esperanza Merry (GBR) 64 63

Facundo Palacio/Antonella Pralong (ARG) d. Josh Cooper/Ruairi Logan (GBR) 62 62



Novak Djokovic Beats Roger Federer for Fourth Rome Title

Djokovic Rome

(May 17, 2015) A week ahead of Roland Garros and No. 1 Novak Djokovic is perfect on clay courts this year. He added to this year’s clay court resume with 75 minute 6-4, 6-3 title defense win over No. 2 Roger Federer to claim his fourth title at the Italian Open. It’s also the Serb’s 24 Masters Series 1000 tournament win, one ahead of Federer and three behind overall leader Rafael Nadal at 27.

The win, his fifth championship of the season, was his 35th career title which extended his current win streak to 22. He has a 37-match win streak at the majors and Masters 1000 events going back to the Paris Indoors last year.

Speaking in Italian of the crowd after the victory, Djokovic said: “It was a great week and today was my best match. It’s always a pleasure to play against Roger and obviously I’m very pleased by today. Along with 2011, this is the best year of my career. I don’t know how (to) continue at Roland Garros but obviously I have a lot of confidence. I hope I can continue like this.”

“I was able to find my way through. Roger put a lot of pressure on my service game at 4-4, but I managed to respond well, to gain those break points, move him around the court, and then I played a couple of great points that gave me the set” Djokovic said to media. “When you’re a set up, the momentum is shifting to your side and you start to feel better.

“The fact that I have managed to win so many matches in a row gives me a reason to believe I can do it again… I want to keep going as long as I can. I don’t want to think fear or everything else can be an obstacle and interrupt this streak. I always try to do my best no matter what is the tournament. This kind of mindset has helped me to be where I am. If I can repeat what I did in 2011? I don’t know. There are things out of your control. What you can influence is the present and how you can get in the position to do well in the future.”

“I know I can play better,” Federer said of the loss. “Novak was rock solid today, he played great throughout. He made very few unforced errors. He was able to take that opportunity that presented itself. I’m happy, feeling good and healthy.”

For Federer who has never won in Rome, it was his fourth loss in a final in 15 tournament appearances.

Djokovic heads into French Open next weekend focusing on the only major title he has never won.

“I don’t think I need to go and do anything more special for Roland Garros,” Djokovic said. “I just need to keep going on route.”

The Serb has won the Australian Open and four of the five Masters events this year, all of those he played in – Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo and Rome.

He is 35-2 on the year, with his last loss coming to Federer at the end of February in the Dubai final. He is 14-1 against Top 10 opponents this year

The only drama for the world No. 1 came on this day came after the trophy presentation when a champagne cork popped and hit Djokovic in the forehead.

“We had an argument, Mr. Champagne and I,” Djokovic said. “He threw a punch and I won’t forget it.”


Maria Sharapova Wins Third Italian Open Title

(May 17, 2015) Once Maria Sharapova was a self-proclaimed “cow on ice,” in terms of her game on a clay court. Years later with 11 clay court crowns to her name including two French Open titles, the phrase almost seems laughable.

No one was laughing on Sunday, when the Russian rebounded from a first set loss to topple Spain’s Carla Suarez Navarro 4-6, 7-5, 6-1 to win the Italian Open in two hours and 35 minutes, her third championship in Rome and 35th career title.

“It wasn’t easy to find a rhythm out there, with the way she plays, and the wind….I really had to adjust,” Sharapova said. “But I’m proud I was able to stay in there. I never felt I was playing very clean until the end of the third set. So it shows that it’s good to hang in there and just stay positive out there.

“In the end I was the fresher one, and the more aggressive one, so it’s all a positive. And looking at how I started the clay court season in Stuttgart and where I am now, I feel I’m in a much better spot.”

Sharapova’s week, moves her up a spot in the rankings to No. 2, which means she’ll be the second seed at next week’s second major of the year, the French Open.

Despite the loss in the final Suarez Navarro had a week in which defeated three Top 10 players at the same tournament for the first time in her career, including No. 2 seed Simona Halep. The Spaniard is being rewarded with a jump in the rankings next week from 10 to No. 8.

“I was practicing really hard before Madrid and Rome, and I’m playing some good tennis right now,” she said. “Maria was just too good today. It was a really close match, and I started really well, but at the end of the second set she started playing more aggressive, and I think that was the key.”

“I remember coming to Italy as a little girl and this was one of the tournaments I dreamed of playing,” Sharapova said. “Now to win it for a third time is very special.”

Sharapova has won 62 of her last 68 matches on clay as she heads into the French Open trying to defend last year’s title.


Djokovic and Federer to Meet in Rome Final

228 Federer Djokovic handshake-001

(May 16, 2015) Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will meet in the Italian Open final on Sunday. No. 1 Djokovic downed David Ferrer 6-4, 6-4 while Federer came back from 0-3 in the first set to beat Swiss countryman Stan Wawrinka 6-4, 6-2.

The women’s final in Rome will feature two-time former champion Maria Sharapova against Carla Suarez Navarro. Sharapova beat Russian qualifier Daria Gavrilova 7-5, 6-3 while Suarez Navarro rallied past No. 2 seed Simona Halep 2-6, 6-3, 7-5. The win for Sharapova means she’ll move back up to No. 2 in the rankings on Monday and will be the second seed for the French Open.

“We were breaking serve all the time, but it’s because we were both returning very well,” Suárez Navarro said. “It was tough for me, it was tough for Simona – but I’m really happy with the way I finished the match today.

“I’ve been practicing really hard during the whole season, and I’m playing with a lot of confidence right now. I’m playing more aggressively, which is important when you’re playing the top players.”

Federer will be seeking to win a Masters event he’s never won on Sunday. This is the fourth time he’s reached the finalThe No. 2 player has never won Monte Carlo either.

“I just like winning a title. Now OK, this is Rome, and it’s one I’ve never won so you might think it’s extra special but for some reason it’s not for me,” Federer said.

“Stan played well in the first set,” said Federer. “In the second set he had a sort of breakdown. He wasn’t serving his best. I was definitely able to take advantage of it.”

Both Djokovic and Federer had some concerns about the court which had holes. Federer’s feet were stuck in a hole and could not turn around to take a shot.

“In a couple of places the holes are really deep,” Djokovic said. “If you slide and get into that hole you can twist an ankle easily. It’s dangerous to play in these conditions.”

Federer and Djokovic will be meeting for the 39th time, with Federer leading the head-two-head 20-18.

Sharapova leads Suarez Navarro 3-1.



RESULTS – MAY 16, 2015

WTA Singles – Semifinals

[10] C. Suárez Navarro (ESP) d [2] S. Halep (ROU) 26 63 75
[3] M. Sharapova (RUS) d [Q] D. Gavrilova (RUS) 75 63

WTA Doubles – Semifinals

[1] M. Hingis (SUI) / S. Mirza (IND) d [4] C. Garcia (FRA) / K. Srebotnik (SLO) 62 76(5)
[3] T. Babos (HUN) / K. Mladenovic (FRA) d [8] A. Kudryavtseva (RUS) / A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) 62 63

ATP Singles – Semifinals
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d [7] D. Ferrer (ESP) 64 64
[2] R. Federer (SUI) d [8] S. Wawrinka (SUI) 64 62

ATP Doubles – Semifinals
[5] M. Granollers (ESP) / M. Lopez (ESP) d N. Kyrgios (AUS) / J. Sock (USA) 61 36 11-9
P. Cuevas (URU) / D. Marrero (ESP) d K. Anderson (RSA) / J. Chardy (FRA) 64 64


CENTRALE start 11:00
WTA DOUBLES FINAL – [1] M. Hingis (SUI) / S. Mirza (IND) vs [3] T. Babos (HUN) / K. Mladenovic (FRA)
Not Before 1:30 pm
WTA SINGLES FINAL – [3] M. Sharapova (RUS) vs [10] C. Suárez Navarro (ESP)
Not Before 4:00 pm
ATP SINGLES FINAL – [1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [2] R. Federer (SUI)

PIETRANGELI start 2:30 pm
ATP DOUBLES FINAL – P. Cuevas (URU) / D. Marrero (ESP) vs [5] M. Granollers (ESP) / M. Lopez (ESP)


Rome: Serena Williams and Murray Withdraw, Djokovic Tested, Federer and Nadal Advance

(May 14, 2015) Serena Williams and Andy Murray pulled out of the Italian Open on Thursday. Murray cited fatigue while Williams said she had a right elbow injury.

Murray is undefeated on clay court this year winning titles in Munich and Madrid.

“I’m going to take a few days’ rest,” Murray said. “I won’t train; I won’t go on the court. I just need a few days to recover. I’ll go home either tonight or tomorrow morning and spend a few days at home, maybe see my physio a little bit over the weekend to try and help the recovery process. I’ll try to rest and sleep and recover; that’s what I need to do right now. Hopefully I’ll get to Paris early next week and get some good days’ training done there.”

As for Serena: “It actually started a little bit in Madrid last week,” Williams said to media. “I wasn’t serving my best. I have to be able to serve and hit my shots with a lot of confidence, and when you’re injured, you don’t have that much confidence. It’s so important to have it when you go up against any player out there, whether it’s in my match today or in the final of a Grand Slam. You just really need it.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. I talked with my coach and he said it wouldn’t be very smart for me to play, and that we have to make the right decision for the future, and not for now. I told him that I hate quitting, but then he told me this isn’t about quitting, it’s about making the best decision.”

No. 1 Novak Djokovic came back after dropping the first set to beat Brazilian qualifier and No. 68 in the world Thomaz Bellucci 5-7, 6-2, 6-3 to reach the final 8 in Rome. The Serb will meet Kei Nishikori, who bdefeated Viktor Troicki 6-4, 6-3.

Rafael Nadal became the first person to break John Isner’s serve in almost a month when he beat the tall American 6-4, 6-4. Nadal will take on Stan Wawrinka in the quarterfinals.

No. 2 seed Roger Federer had problems closing out his match against Kevin Anderson 6-3, 7-5 Federer led 5-2 in the second set.

Federer will play sixth seed Tomas Berdych next. Berdych overcame a strong challenge from crowd favorite and the last Italian in the tournament, Fabio Fognini 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (2)

On the women’s side, No 2 Simona Halep defeated 1999 champion Venus Williams 6-2, 6-1, two-time champ Maria Sharapova defeated qualifier Bojana Jovanovski 6-3, 6-3 and Carla Suarez Navarro defeated Eugenie Bouchard 6-7 (2), 7-5, 7-6 (7). Bouchard is 7-9 on the year.

With Serena Williams’ withdrawal, qualifier Christina McHale has made the quarterfinals.


ATP Singles – Third Round
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d [Q] T. Bellucci (BRA) 57 62 63
[2] R. Federer (SUI) d [15] K. Anderson (RSA) 63 75
D. Goffin (BEL) d [3] A. Murray (GBR) w/o (fatigue)
[4] R. Nadal (ESP) d [16] J. Isner (USA) 64 64
[5] K. Nishikori (JPN) d V. Troicki (SRB) 64 63
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) d F. Fognini (ITA) 63 36 76(2)
[7] D. Ferrer (ESP) d G. Garcia-Lopez (ESP) 61 63
[8] S. Wawrinka (SUI) d D. Thiem (AUT) 76(3) 64

ATP Doubles – Quarter-Finals

[5] M. Granollers (ESP) / M. Lopez (ESP) d J. Murray (GBR) / J. Peers (AUS) 64 64

ATP Doubles – Second Round
[3] J. Rojer (NED) / H. Tecau (ROU) d R. Bopanna (IND) / F. Mergea (ROU) 62 57 10-8
P. Cuevas (URU) / D. Marrero (ESP) d [6] D. Nestor (CAN) / L. Paes (IND) 62 64

CENTRALE start 12:00
WTA – [Q] A. Dulgheru (ROU) vs [2] S. Halep (ROU)
Not Before 2:00 pm
ATP – [6] T. Berdych (CZE) vs [2] R. Federer (SUI)
Not Before 4:00 pm
ATP – [1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [5] K. Nishikori (JPN)
Not Before 7:30 pm

WTA – [3] M. Sharapova (RUS) vs I. Begu (ROU) or V. Azarenka (BLR)
Not Before 9:00 pm
ATP – [8] S. Wawrinka (SUI) vs [4] R. Nadal (ESP)

GRANDSTAND start 12:00
ATP – D. Goffin (BEL) vs [7] D. Ferrer (ESP)
Not Before 2:00 pm
WTA – [10] C. Suárez Navarro (ESP) vs [4] P. Kvitova (CZE)
WTA – [Q] C. Mchale (USA) vs [Q] D. Gavrilova (RUS)

PIETRANGELI start 11:00
WTA – [4] C. Garcia (FRA) / K. Srebotnik (SLO) vs G. Dabrowski (CAN) / A. Rosolska (POL)
WTA – [8] A. Kudryavtseva (RUS) / A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) vs [2] S. Hsieh (TPE) / F. Pennetta (ITA)
ATP – N. Kyrgios (AUS) / J. Sock (USA) vs [2] I. Dodig (CRO) / M. Melo (BRA)
ATP – [3] J. Rojer (NED) / H. Tecau (ROU) vs P. Cuevas (URU) / D. Marrero (ESP)
ATP – K. Anderson (RSA) / J. Chardy (FRA) vs J. Cabal (COL) / R. Farah (COL)


Novak Djokovic Wins Monte Carlo for 23rd Masters Series Tournament Victory

(April 19, 2015) Novak Djokovic made some ATP history on Sunday in claiming his second Monte Carlo Masters tournament win. He defeated Czech Tomas Berdych 7-5, 4-6,6-3.

The world’s No. 1 tennis player has become the first player to sweep the opening three Masters Series events in a season. The 27-year-old Serb who resides in Monte Carlo took home trophies in Indian Wells and Miami as well. He is has won the last four Masters tournaments going back to Bercy in the fall of 2014.

“The fact that now I won three Masters in a row, that nobody ever has done that, that has given me, even this week, more motivation,” said the winner.

The win also extended Djokovic’s winning streak to 17 straight boosting his overall record on the year to 30-2. He is now 19-2 against Berdych.

“Obviously I’m experiencing the time of my life on the tennis court, and also private life is very good,” Djokovic said. “I became a father. I’m just trying to sometimes pinch myself and say, ‘Where am I at this point in my life?’ I’m very grateful for this, for everything that I have. That’s the kind of philosophy.

“I won this match with my heart and with battle. That’s how I feel like I won it. I don’t think I played at the level that I wish to play and that I have played throughout the whole week. But also credit to Tomas because he has played very aggressively, staying close to the line, pushing me back. So I had to defend a lot of times.”

Djokovic is now more than 5000 ranking points ahead of No. 2 Roger Federer. He has now equaled Federer in the number of Masters tournament wins at 23, four behind Rafael Nadal who holds the record.

The one major trophy which has eluded his grasp has been Roland Garros, the French Open. After defeating nine-time French Open champion Nadal in the Monte Carlo semifinal on Saturday, the 8-time major champion discussed the rest of the season.

“I think the most important period of the year is coming up right now,” Djokovic said. “Obviously Roland Garros and Wimbledon are the priority. That’s where I want to perform my best. But we’ll take it step by step and see how far I can go.”


Novak Djokovic Defeats Rafael Nadal to Reach Monte Carlo Final

(April 18, 2015) Novak Djokovic extended his current winning streak to 16 matches with a 6-3, 6-3 victory over Rafael Nadal in the semifinals of the Monte Carlo Masters on Saturday in one hour and 37 minutes.

No. 1 Djokovic will meet Tomas Berdych in final on Sunday. Berdych dismissed Gael Monfils 6-1, 6-3 earlier in the day

The Djokovic – Nadal semifinal was much closer than the score indicated. In the first set Djokovic had to rebound from 0-2 with points to go down 0-3, taking six of the last seven games to claim the first set.

In the second set, Djokovic broke serve in the seventh game, after the 8-time Monte Carlo champion Nadal led 40-0. The Serb ended the match with a second break of serve in the set.

Djokovic hit 23 winners to 19 unforced errors in match to the Spaniard’s 20 winners and 20 errors.

Djokovic is now 10-1 against Top ten opponents in 2015. Djokovic has improved his head-to-head record against Nadal to 20-23.

Djokovic will be looking to claim his fourth straight Masters Series title and second Monte Carlo crown on Sunday.

Singles – Semi-Finals
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d [3] R. Nadal (ESP) 63 63
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) d [14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) 61 64

Doubles – Semi-finals
[1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) d [4] M. Matkowski (POL) / N. Zimonjic (SRB) 64 62
S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) d [2] I. Dodig (CRO) / M. Melo (BRA) 76(6) 63


COURT CENTRAL start 11:30 am
[1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) vs S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA)

Not Before 2:30 pm
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [6] T. Berdych (CZE)


Anna Karolina Schmiedlova Takes Katowice Open for First WTA Title

(April 12, 2015) World No. 67 and eighth seed Anna Karolina Schmiedlova of Slovakia defeated Italy’s Camila Giorgi 6-4, 6-3 to win the Katowice Open for her first WTA title.

The third seed Giorgi moved into the final with an upset victory in the semifinals over top seed and Poland native Agnieszka Radwanska on Saturday. En route to the final Schmiedlova dismissed defending champion and second seed Aliza Cornet

“I started out nervous today,” said the first-time WTA title winner. “I lost my serve straight off in the first game. But then it was better. I wasn’t nervous after that and was just taking it point by point. Usually I don’t like playing aggressive players like her as much, because I can’t play as aggressively as them and I feel like I’m always defending, but I did very well. It was maybe one of the best matches I’ve played.

“It’s something special. I still can’t believe it – it will take a long time for me to believe it.”

Schmiedlova is the seventh Slovak to win a WTA title. No. 31 Giorgi is now 0-3 in finals.