Novak Djokovic Defeats Rafael Nadal to Reach Monte Carlo Final

(April 18, 2015) Novak Djokovic extended his current winning streak to 16 matches with a 6-3, 6-3 victory over Rafael Nadal in the semifinals of the Monte Carlo Masters on Saturday in one hour and 37 minutes.

No. 1 Djokovic will meet Tomas Berdych in final on Sunday. Berdych dismissed Gael Monfils 6-1, 6-3 earlier in the day

The Djokovic – Nadal semifinal was much closer than the score indicated. In the first set Djokovic had to rebound from 0-2 with points to go down 0-3, taking six of the last seven games to claim the first set.

In the second set, Djokovic broke serve in the seventh game, after the 8-time Monte Carlo champion Nadal led 40-0. The Serb ended the match with a second break of serve in the set.

Djokovic hit 23 winners to 19 unforced errors in match to the Spaniard’s 20 winners and 20 errors.

Djokovic is now 10-1 against Top ten opponents in 2015. Djokovic has improved his head-to-head record against Nadal to 20-23.

Djokovic will be looking to claim his fourth straight Masters Series title and second Monte Carlo crown on Sunday.

Singles – Semi-Finals
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d [3] R. Nadal (ESP) 63 63
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) d [14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) 61 64

Doubles – Semi-finals
[1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) d [4] M. Matkowski (POL) / N. Zimonjic (SRB) 64 62
S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) d [2] I. Dodig (CRO) / M. Melo (BRA) 76(6) 63


COURT CENTRAL start 11:30 am
[1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) vs S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA)

Not Before 2:30 pm
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [6] T. Berdych (CZE)


Tennis – Bogota and Monte-Carlo Results

$ 250,000.00
APRIL 13 – 19, 2015

RESULTS – APRIL 16, 2015
Singles – Second Round

[2] M. Puig (PUR) d N. Gibbs (USA) 64 62
[5] Y. Shvedova (KAZ) d [Q] S. Vickery (USA) 60 62
M. Duque-Mariño (COL) d T. Maria (GER) 64 64
J. Glushko (ISR) d A. Panova (RUS) 64 62

Doubles – Quarterfinals

I. Falconi (USA) / S. Rogers (USA) d [1] A. Rodionova (AUS) / A. Rodionova (AUS) 75 76(5)
M. Duque-Mariño (COL) / M. Puig (PUR) d [3] D. Jurak (CRO) / T. Maria (GER) 63 62
P. Goncalves (BRA) / B. Haddad Maia (BRA) d S. Cirstea (ROU) / Y. Shvedova (KAZ) 63 75

CAMPO CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[1] E. Svitolina (UKR) vs [8] I. Falconi (USA)

Not Before 12:00 noon
M. Duque-Mariño (COL) vs J. Glushko (ISR)
[5] Y. Shvedova (KAZ) vs [2] M. Puig (PUR)
TBA After Rest – I. Falconi (USA) / S. Rogers (USA) vs M. Duque-Mariño (COL) / M. Puig (PUR)

CAMPO 1 start 11:00 am
T. Pereira (BRA) vs L. Domínguez Lino (ESP)
I. Khromacheva (RUS) / M. Zanevska (UKR) vs P. Goncalves (BRA) / B. Haddad Maia (BRA)


ATP World Tour Masters 1000 €3,288,530 (€3,830,295 Total Financial Commitment)
Monte Carlo, Monaco (+1 hour GMT)
12 – 19 April 2015 Surface: Clay



Singles – Third Round
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d A. Haider-Maurer (AUT) 64 60
[14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) d [2] R. Federer (SUI) 64 76(5)
[3] R. Nadal (ESP) d [15] J. Isner (USA) 76(6) 46 63
[4] M. Raonic (CAN) d [16] T. Robredo (ESP) 63 36 63
[5] D. Ferrer (ESP) d [10] G. Simon (FRA) 62 67(3) 61
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) d [12] R. Bautista Agut (ESP) 76(7) 64
[9] G. Dimitrov (BUL) d [7] S. Wawrinka (SUI) 61 62
[8] M. Cilic (CRO) d [11] J. Tsonga (FRA) 63 76(5)

Doubles – Second Round
[1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) d G. Dimitrov (BUL) / M. Mirnyi (BLR) 62 62
S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) d [3] J. Rojer (NED) / H. Tecau (ROU) 36 75 13-11
[4] M. Matkowski (POL) / N. Zimonjic (SRB) d T. Robredo (ESP) / F. Verdasco (ESP) 63 76(3)
[5] M. Granollers (ESP) / M. Lopez (ESP) d [Alt] R. Haase (NED) / R. Klaasen (RSA) 61 61
[WC] B. Paire (FRA) / S. Wawrinka (SUI) d [6] D. Nestor (CAN) / L. Paes (IND) 64 76(4)
[8] N. Mahut (FRA) / E. Roger-Vasselin (FRA) d G. Monfils (FRA) / J. Tsonga (FRA) 64 64


COURT CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) vs [4] M. Raonic (CAN)
Not Before 11:30 am
[9] G. Dimitrov (BUL) vs [14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA)
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [8] M. Cilic (CRO)
[3] R. Nadal (ESP) vs [5] D. Ferrer (ESP)

COURT DES PRINCES start 11:30 am
[7] A. Peya (AUT) / B. Soares (BRA) vs [2] I. Dodig (CRO) / M. Melo (BRA)
[4] M. Matkowski (POL) / N. Zimonjic (SRB) vs [WC] B. Paire (FRA) / S. Wawrinka (SUI)
[8] N. Mahut (FRA) / E. Roger-Vasselin (FRA) vs S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA)
[1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) vs [5] M. Granollers (ESP) / M. Lopez (ESP)


Tennis – Bogota and Monte-Carlo Results

atp wta

$ 250,000.00
APRIL 13 – 19, 2015

RESULTS – APRIL 15, 2015
Singles – Second Round

[1] E. Svitolina (UKR) d D. Kovinic (MNE) 63 61
[8] I. Falconi (USA) d D. Pfizenmaier (GER) 57 62 63
T. Pereira (BRA) d [Q] M. Minella (LUX) 75 75
L. Domínguez Lino (ESP) d [Q] B. Haddad Maia (BRA) 76(5) 60

Doubles – Quarterfinals

I. Khromacheva (RUS) / M. Zanevska (UKR) d [4] E. Bogdan (ROU) / N. Melichar (USA) 61 62
First Round
[3] D. Jurak (CRO) / T. Maria (GER) d D. Kovinic (MNE) / T. Pereira (BRA) 36 60 10-3
I. Falconi (USA) / S. Rogers (USA) d [WC] M. Perez Garcia (COL) / P. Perez Garcia (COL) 60 63

CAMPO CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[5] Y. Shvedova (KAZ) vs [Q] S. Vickery (USA)

Not Before 12:00 noon
M. Duque-Mariño (COL) vs T. Maria (GER)
N. Gibbs (USA) vs [2] M. Puig (PUR)
TBA After Suitable Rest – [3] D. Jurak (CRO) / T. Maria (GER) vs M. Duque-Mariño (COL) / M. Puig (PUR)

CAMPO 1 start 11:00 am
J. Glushko (ISR) vs A. Panova (RUS)
[1] A. Rodionova (AUS) / A. Rodionova (AUS) vs I. Falconi (USA) / S. Rogers (USA)
P. Goncalves (BRA) / B. Haddad Maia (BRA) vs S. Cirstea (ROU) / Y. Shvedova (KAZ)


ATP World Tour Masters 1000 €3,288,530 (€3,830,295 Total Financial Commitment)
Monte Carlo, Monaco (+1 hour GMT)
12 – 19 April 2015 Surface: Clay


Singles – Second Round
[2] R. Federer (SUI) d J. Chardy (FRA) 62 61
[3] R. Nadal (ESP) d [WC] L. Pouille (FRA) 62 61
[4] M. Raonic (CAN) d J. Sousa (POR) 63 76(4)
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) d S. Stakhovsky (UKR) 64 76(2)
[7] S. Wawrinka (SUI) d J. Monaco (ARG) 61 64
[9] G. Dimitrov (BUL) d F. Fognini (ITA) 63 64
[10] G. Simon (FRA) d [Q] B. Paire (FRA) 64 75
[11] J. Tsonga (FRA) d D. Goffin (BEL) 63 64
[12] R. Bautista Agut (ESP) d P. Kohlschreiber (GER) 67(3) 63 76(4)
[14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) d A. Dolgopolov (UKR) 76(5) 76(6)
[15] J. Isner (USA) d V. Troicki (SRB) 76(4) 76(5)
[16] T. Robredo (ESP) d M. Granollers (ESP) 61 61

Doubles – Second Round
[2] I. Dodig (CRO) / M. Melo (BRA) d [WC] R. Arneodo (MON) / B. Balleret (MON) 76(2) 62
[7] A. Peya (AUT) / B. Soares (BRA) d [PR] P. Kohlschreiber (GER) / F. Mayer (GER) 64 57 10-6

Doubles – First Round
T. Robredo (ESP) / F. Verdasco (ESP) d [Alt] A. Seppi (ITA) / S. Stakhovsky (UKR) 12 ret. (Seppi – hip)


COURT CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[7] S. Wawrinka (SUI) vs [9] G. Dimitrov (BUL)
Not Before 12:00 noon
[14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) vs [2] R. Federer (SUI)
[3] R. Nadal (ESP) vs [15] J. Isner (USA)
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs A. Haider-Maurer (AUT)

COURT DES PRINCES start 10:30 am
[16] T. Robredo (ESP) vs [4] M. Raonic (CAN)
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) vs [12] R. Bautista Agut (ESP)
[11] J. Tsonga (FRA) vs [8] M. Cilic (CRO)
[10] G. Simon (FRA) vs [5] D. Ferrer (ESP)

COURT 2 start 11:30 am
S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) vs [3] J. Rojer (NED) / H. Tecau (ROU)
After Suitable Rest – [1] B. Bryan (USA) / M. Bryan (USA) vs G. Dimitrov (BUL) / M. Mirnyi (BLR)
After Possible Suitable Rest – [8] N. Mahut (FRA) / E. Roger-Vasselin (FRA) vs G. Monfils (FRA) / J. Tsonga (FRA)

COURT 9 start 11:30 am
[Alt] R. Haase (NED) / R. Klaasen (RSA) vs [5] M. Granollers (ESP) / M. Lopez (ESP)
After Suitable Rest – [WC] B. Paire (FRA) / S. Wawrinka (SUI) vs [6] D. Nestor (CAN) / L. Paes (IND)

COURT 11 start Not Before 12:30 pm
After Suitable Rest – [4] M. Matkowski (POL) / N. Zimonjic (SRB) vs T. Robredo (ESP) / F. Verdasco (ESP)


Tennis – Monte Carlo Results


ATP World Tour Masters 1000 €3,288,530 (€3,830,295 Total Financial Commitment)
Monte Carlo, Monaco (+1 hour GMT)
12 – 19 April 2015 Surface: Clay


Singles – Second Round
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d [Q] A. Ramos-Vinolas (ESP) 61 64
[5] D. Ferrer (ESP) d V. Estrella Burgos (DOM) 62 20 ret. (shoulder)
[8] M. Cilic (CRO) d [PR] F. Mayer (GER) 63 36 63
A. Haider-Maurer (AUT) d B. Tomic (AUS) 67(4) 76(5) 64

Singles – First Round
[9] G. Dimitrov (BUL) d F. Verdasco (ESP) 64 46 64
[10] G. Simon (FRA) d [WC] B. Balleret (MON) 64 62
[11] J. Tsonga (FRA) d [LL] J. Struff (GER) 64 64
[14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) d [Q] A. Kuznetsov (RUS) 46 63 64
[16] T. Robredo (ESP) d A. Seppi (ITA) 63 16 64
[WC] L. Pouille (FRA) d D. Thiem (AUT) 64 64
V. Troicki (SRB) d M. Klizan (SVK) 76(5) 57 62
M. Granollers (ESP) d A. Mannarino (FRA) 63 60
J. Monaco (ARG) d J. Vesely (CZE) 64 62
J. Chardy (FRA) d [Q] D. Schwartzman (ARG) 75 62

Doubles – First Round
[Alt] R. Haase (NED) / R. Klaasen (RSA) d A. Mannarino (FRA) / L. Rosol (CZE) 61 62
[WC] B. Paire (FRA) / S. Wawrinka (SUI) d R. Bopanna (IND) / F. Mergea (ROU) 67(6) 64 10-7
G. Monfils (FRA) / J. Tsonga (FRA) d J. Murray (GBR) / J. Peers (AUS) 46 76(4) 10-6
S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) d J. Cabal (COL) / R. Farah (COL) 63 64


COURT CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[7] S. Wawrinka (SUI) vs J. Monaco (ARG)
[3] R. Nadal (ESP) vs [WC] L. Pouille (FRA)
J. Chardy (FRA) vs [2] R. Federer (SUI)
[11] J. Tsonga (FRA) vs D. Goffin (BEL)

COURT DES PRINCES start 10:30 am
[6] T. Berdych (CZE) vs S. Stakhovsky (UKR)
F. Fognini (ITA) vs [9] G. Dimitrov (BUL)
J. Sousa (POR) vs [4] M. Raonic (CAN)
[14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) vs A. Dolgopolov (UKR)

COURT 2 start 10:30 am
[16] T. Robredo (ESP) vs M. Granollers (ESP)
[10] G. Simon (FRA) vs [Q] B. Paire (FRA)
V. Troicki (SRB) vs [15] J. Isner (USA)

COURT 9 start 10:30 am
P. Kohlschreiber (GER) vs [12] R. Bautista Agut (ESP)
[WC] R. Arneodo (MON) / B. Balleret (MON) vs [2] I. Dodig (CRO) / M. Melo (BRA)
After Suitable Rest – [7] A. Peya (AUT) / B. Soares (BRA) vs [PR] P. Kohlschreiber (GER) / F. Mayer (GER)

COURT 11 start Not Before 1:00 pm
After Suitable Rest – T. Robredo (ESP) / F. Verdasco (ESP) vs . Alternate / Unknown


Tennis – Monte-Carlo Results


ATP World Tour Masters 1000 €3,288,530 (€3,830,295 Total Financial Commitment)
Monte Carlo, Monaco (+1 hour GMT)
12 – 19 April 2015 Surface: Clay


Singles – First Round
[12] R. Bautista Agut (ESP) d B. Becker (GER) 60 62
A. Haider-Maurer (AUT) d [13] E. Gulbis (LAT) 61 60
[15] J. Isner (USA) d S. Johnson (USA) 64 64
[Q] A. Ramos-Vinolas (ESP) d [LL] R. Haase (NED) 61 61
D. Goffin (BEL) d [Q] N. Gombos (SVK) 61 64
[Q] B. Paire (FRA) d [Q] D. Kudla (USA) 63 76(3)
S. Stakhovsky (UKR) d P. Carreno Busta (ESP) 76(3) 46 64
P. Kohlschreiber (GER) d M. Kukushkin (KAZ) 64 64
J. Sousa (POR) d [Q] E. Roger-Vasselin (FRA) 61 36 60
F. Fognini (ITA) d J. Janowicz (POL) 63 61
A. Dolgopolov (UKR) d B. Coric (CRO) 75 57 62

Doubles – First Round
G. Dimitrov (BUL) / M. Mirnyi (BLR) d M. Draganja (CRO) / H. Kontinen (FIN) 61 63
[PR] P. Kohlschreiber (GER) / F. Mayer (GER) d B. Tomic (AUS) / V. Troicki (SRB) 76(7) 60
[WC] R. Arneodo (MON) / B. Balleret (MON) d J. Chardy (FRA) / M. Cilic (CRO) 76(2) 57 10-6


COURT CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[14] [WC] G. Monfils (FRA) vs [Q] A. Kuznetsov (RUS)
[11] J. Tsonga (FRA) vs [LL] J. Struff (GER)
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [Q] A. Ramos-Vinolas (ESP)
V. Estrella Burgos (DOM) vs [5] D. Ferrer (ESP)

COURT DES PRINCES start 10:30 am
D. Thiem (AUT) vs [WC] L. Pouille (FRA)
[16] T. Robredo (ESP) vs A. Seppi (ITA)
F. Verdasco (ESP) vs [9] G. Dimitrov (BUL)
[PR] F. Mayer (GER) vs [8] M. Cilic (CRO)

COURT 2 start 10:30 am
J. Vesely (CZE) vs J. Monaco (ARG)
J. Chardy (FRA) vs [Q] D. Schwartzman (ARG)
[10] G. Simon (FRA) vs [WC] B. Balleret (MON)
J. Murray (GBR) / J. Peers (AUS) vs G. Monfils (FRA) / J. Tsonga (FRA)

COURT 9 start 10:30 am
M. Granollers (ESP) vs A. Mannarino (FRA)
R. Bopanna (IND) / F. Mergea (ROU) vs [WC] B. Paire (FRA) / S. Wawrinka (SUI)
V. Troicki (SRB) vs M. Klizan (SVK)
B. Tomic (AUS) vs A. Haider-Maurer (AUT)

COURT 11 start 12:00 noon
J. Cabal (COL) / R. Farah (COL) vs S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA)
After Suitable Rest – [Alt] R. Haase (NED) / R. Klaasen (RSA) vs A. Mannarino (FRA) / L. Rosol (CZE)


Serena Williams Wins Eighth Miami Open Title


(April 4, 2015) World No. 1 Serena Williams took home her eighth Miami Open trophy on Saturday defeating Carla Suarez Navarro 6-2, 6-0 in the final.

This was the American’s 66th career title victory, which leaves her one behind Billie Jean King on the All-Time list.

All-time WTA titles leader Martina Navratilova who won 167 singles crowns was in attendance to present the winner’s trophy to Williams who won her third Miami title in a row. Her career record in Miami is now 73-7.

Williams became only the fourth women to win the same title at least 8 times. Navratilova holds the record for the most number of titles at a single tournament – 12 in Chicago.

It’s also Williams’ second tournament title of the year, the first one coming at the Australian Open adding her 19th major title in January.

The final which lasted 55 minutes, saw Williams win the last ten straight games, losing only five points in the second set.

“When I play with Serena I know that she’s the best,” Suarez Navarro said. “She has the game to make me play bad.

“But, well, this time I believe in me, in how I’m playing the other match. I try. I try until the last point, but was tough and was difficult for me.”

“I just kind of went out there and was hitting,” Williams said. “I didn’t have a plan it hit to her backhand or forehand. That’s never really my plan. I just can’t do that. I get too worked up.

“I just got to play my game. I’m not the kind of player that’s like, Oh, her forehand is weak, so I’m going to hit 100% there. I can’t do that.”

Williams remains unbeaten on the year and has won 21 straight matches since her loss in the Round-Robin stage at the 2014 WTA Year End in Singapore.

Asked about possibility of winning a calendar Grand Slam, she said: “Obviously anyone that wins the Australian Open wants to win a Grand Slam.

“I’ve won the Australian Open six times and I have not done that yet. I’m not saying this is the year or not the year. Who knows?”

Williams had to withdraw from the semifinals of Indian Wells two weeks ago with a knee injury.

Although a dominant winner, Williams felt she could have played better during the tournament. “I had to improvise in some of my matches,” she said. “Quite frankly, I had to take some pace off today because I wasn’t serving the way I normally serve. I normally serve tons of aces really hard.

“This tournament I wasn’t serving my best. On the flip side, it’s good to know that I can win relying on my groundstrokes or relying on other shots. It’s not just one shot that makes me good. It’s an all‑court game.

“It’s comforting, but at the same time, I definitely want to get my serve going again. I just really haven’t had time to practice. I’ve just been dealing with injuries, and when I’m practicing I’m hitting groundstrokes and just not hitting enough serves.”

For Suarez Navarro, despite the poor performance in the final, it was a career week for the Spaniard who will be the third Spanish woman to break into the Top Ten for the first time next week.



Djokovic and Murray to Meet in Miami Open Final

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

(April 3, 2015)Sunday’s Miami Open men’s final will feature a battle between a pair who have won multiple times in Key Biscayne when No. 1 Novak Djokovic takes on Andy Murray.

Djokovic, who will be going for his fifth Miami crown, moved past hard-serving John Isner in Friday night’s semifinal 7-6(3), 6-2. Murray, who will be attempting to capture his third Miami Open title, defeated Tomas Berdych 6-4, 6-4.

Djokovic outserved Isner 10 aces to nine. Djokovic never faced a break point. After a very tight first set, Djokovic broke Isner’s serve twice in the second set. Isner lost 70 percent of his second-serve points.

“I didn’t quite have my legs underneath me like I did yesterday maybe for whatever reason,” Isner said. Conditions, it was a little bit more humid out there tonight. I didn’t have quite as much pop on the ball as maybe I had earlier in the tournament. I needed a lot of pop in order to make a match like that closer. I just didn’t quite have it tonight.”


“I created a lot of opportunities for myself in the first set, even though there was only one break point and it was actually a set point,” Djokovic said.


“I thought I made him work for his serves games a lot from the beginning. I thought that that has influenced a little bit his physicality. I think towards the end of the first and beginning of the second set he already felt a business exhausted, and I wanted to use the opportunity and the early break in the second to open the door for me.


“That’s when I felt like I could start swinging through, and played a great second set.”


Despite the loss, Isner had a good fortnight in Miami, beating three top 11 players in succession – Grigor Dimitrov, Milos Raonic and Kei Nishikori en route to the semifinals


“Novak is the best in the world,” Isner said. “He’s so good. It was a good two weeks for me. I’m playing better. I have to build on this, and I will.”


‘He’s No. 1 in the world for a reason. I had to play pretty close to my best to beat him, and I don’t think I did that tonight.”


Mubadala World Tennis Championship

This will be the Scot’s 13th Masters Series final and fourth Miami final.

“I felt like I served well,” said Murray. “It was tricky from one end of the court. We’re basically serving right into the sun at that time of day, so I had to take a little bit off the serve. On the second serve it was very tough to see.

“But I thought when I was behind in games, like the last game, for example, I came up with some big serves and was able to dictate a lot of the rallies from the baseline as well. I was moving him around a lot. That was good.”

Murray’s win has evened up his record against the Czech 6-6.

“Andy changed the game plan a bit,” Berdych said. “He starts to play much more aggressive in those last two matches that he played to me. I think that he’s been doing that pretty well. I think that’s the only reason.


“So, you know, I’m just going to need some time to put myself ‑‑ prepare better for the next time I’m going to play him.

Now I know what to expect and just be more ready for it.”


“Well, I thought I obviously started both sets well,” Murray said of the early breaks in each set. “Yeah, that was really the difference, to be honest. We played some good points. I thought throughout the match I thought it was a pretty clean match.

Yeah, I felt like I just played a bit better than him. That was the difference.”

Murray on playing Djokovic in the final: Novak obviously started the year extremely well obviously winning Australia, and then also last week, too. He’s come through a couple of tough ones so far in this event.”


As for Djokovic on playing Murray: “The fact that I won I think last six, seven matches that we played against each other, especially the one just recently in Indian Wells, gives me confidence and maybe a slight mental advantage.


“But we’re talking about small margins. That’s always the case when we play against each other. Very few points, details can decide a winner. We have very similar games. We already played twice this year, and of course in a big match in Australian Open final which was very, very physical, very close.


“I expect a battle, long rallies, and I know what is expecting me on the court. I know his game pretty well, as well as he knows mine.”

Djokovic leads in head-to-head clashes with Murray 17-8


Serena Williams, Djokovic, Suarez Navarro and Isner Advance in Miami


(April 2, 2015) Serena Williams will attempt to win her eighth Miami Open title on Saturday. The 19-time major champion won a two-hour-and seven minute semifinal thriller on Thursday night over third seed Simona Halep 6-2, 4-6, 7-5. Williams will face 12th seed Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain the title.

“I made so many errors and I was like `Serena, just come to the net at this point, because that’s the only thing that was working for me,'” Williams said. “I’m just really happy to get through that. It was actually a really fun match and I was able to come out and play here tonight.”

“I just tried to make some shots and I tried to go for some big shots,” Williams continued. “I thought, I’m just going to go for winners. Even though I’m missing most of them, I’m still going to go for them.”

“I just made more errors than I did in my last match, which I thought was impossible. I’m just not at my best level right now and it’s a little frustrating.

“I’m not serving well. I am serving at 40%. Yeah, so it hasn’t been my best of times. But, yeah, so that’s just the only frustrating part.

“And I’m a perfectionist, so if I don’t get it right I just want to keep trying.”


Simona Halep

Simona Halep

Halep said: “I was close. I saw that I can win against her. I can play like until the end against her. I was a bit tired in the end, but it’s normal. I have so many matches played already.

“It’s okay. She was better than me. She is better than me because she’s No. 1 in the world and she’s Serena. I have just to take the positive things from this tournament, this match, and just go ahead.”

Williams’ victory means that her time atop the rankings has reached 116 weeks which surpasses Chris Evert’s 113-week run for third-longest in WTA history.

Suarez Navarro 2182015-001

Suarez Navarro advanced to the final after beating Andrea Petkovic 6-3, 6-3 in an earlier match. Her victory in the semifinal assured her of reaching the Top Ten for the first time in her career.

“I feel so happy,” said Suarez Navarro. “It’s so important for me. I was practicing and I was working during all this year with my team to a moment like this.”

Williams is 4-0 against the Spaniard. “Playing Carla,” said Williams, “I think it’ll be good for me. She’s playing a little bit like Simona, so I will be ready for that. Have to be ready. If I want to win, I have to step it up a notch”

Williams is 4-0 all-time against Suarez Navarro, who’s assured of reaching the Top 10 in the world rankings win or lose.

Williams’ countryman, No. 22 seed John Isner became the first U.S. man to reach the semifinals in Miami since Mardy Fish in 2011, upsetting fourth-seeded Kei Nishikori of Japan 6-4, 6-3.

Isner interviewed

“I played extremely well today,” Isner said.”I needed to play well in order to beat a player like Kei and that’s what I did. From start to finish, I felt like I was aggressive. I was playing all the right shots and things just went my way.”

“I can’t ask for better conditions out there,” Isner continued. “I absolutely just can’t.

“You know, with the balls, the court, the balls bouncing high, it’s hot, it’s not that humid so it’s not taking a lot out of me. It’s perfect conditions ore me.

“I just played well. I mean, I’ve been serving well really for a while now, and I did that again today.

“So I was taking care of my serve. I was taking my chances on his serve, and the ball was finding the right spots for me.”

“Serve, I didn’t have any chance,” said Nishikori.

“Also, his forehand, also backhand, he hit some winners from back of the baseline. I think he close his eyes and hitting so many winners. Couldn’t really stop him today.

“So I don’t think I really play bad. Maybe I could do little better everything, but I think he played well today.”


Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Next for Isner will be No. 1 Novak Djokovic who defeated David Ferrer 7-5, 7-5 on the Spaniard’s 33rd birthday.

“I expected it to be a very physical match as it always is with David,” Djokovic said. “He’s one of the greatest competitors out there.”

“Every game is different, and I think tonight, my tactic, it was good,” Ferrer said. “My performance was good, playing aggressive with my forehand. But I think it’s difficult beat Nole when I am playing with him in the night because the ball is bigger when we are ending the set. And he has more power than me.

“Anyway, for beat Nole, I know I have to play perfect in important moments, play aggressive. And maybe tonight, the first set in important moments I didn’t play aggressive, no, with my forehand.”

Djokovic commented on playing Isner next:

“It’s going to be quite different match from tonight’s match. John is probably the best server we have in the game currently. At 6’10” he can hit any angle he wants with that serve.

“He won against Dimitrov, Raonic, and Nishikori in the last three matches, and that deserves a lot of respect. He obviously feels very confident playing here. He played great against Nishikori today.

“I think he improved his baseline game. Most of the players, when the play him, obviously he highly relies on his serve, but yet again, he does put a lot of balls back in play in his return games. He likes to run around his backhand and hit the forehand inside out. That’s his favorite shot.

“So I kind of know what to expect. He has his own patterns, as everybody else. I’m going to try to analyze his game, remember what I’ve done right in Indian Wells couple weeks ago, and try to obviously win.

“Hopefully we play during the night so the conditions will be a bit slower, which is going to maybe help me to get few more serves back in play, even though I know it’s going to be very close match.”


I’ll have nothing to lose,” Isner said. “I run into him a lot in Masters events, especially in the U.S. I think this would be our fourth encounter or something like that, playing at a Masters event in the States. Maybe fifth. I don’t know.

“But playing him, it’s always a challenge. He’s the greatest player in the world right now hands down. I played well against him last week in Indian Wells and he beat me in a tight two‑set match.

“I’m going to have to bring that level and some if I do play against him. I believe I can do that. Think I exhibited that today. He’s got a tough match against one of the best competitors or sport has.”


Serena Williams Wins 700th Match; Will Face Simona Halep in Miami Open Semis

(April 1, 2015) Serena Williams overcame some inconsistent play to earn her 700th career win in defeating Sabine Lisicki 7-6 (4), 1-6, 6-3 to earn a spot the semifinals of the Miami Open on Wednesday.

Her 700th win puts the American in a very select club which has only eight members.

“I didn’t know I had 700 wins,” noted the 19-time major champion.

“So now I’m like I just want to keep going, doing the best that I can. Just staying positive and winning as much as I can.”

“I grew up playing tennis. I think my destiny was to play tennis,” Williams said. “I saw a picture where I was in a stroller on the tennis court.”

The seven-time Miami Open champion has now won 16 straight matches in Key Biscayne.

Williams made 51 unforced errors on the day, had some problems with the sun and served well below her usual efforts.

“I know today wasn’t my best day,” Williams said. “I just told myself, I’m not serving the way I normally serve and hitting the way I normally would hit, so at this point all I can do is just fight and try to give 200% instead of 100%.

“At the start of the third set it was definitely a little bit of a natural reaction. Obviously I don’t want to lose, or at least I want to try to do the best I can. She had a lot of momentum going into the third set after winning the second set, so I just wanted to stay strong, and basically hold my serve.”


Williams will battle No. 3 Simona Halep for a place in the final. The Romanian defeated American Sloane Stephens 6-1, 7-5.

“I look forward to it because I didn’t get to play her last time,” said Williams. “I was really disappointed to not be able to play and just not even be close to 100%.

“So, you know, I look forward to it this time. I’m just happy to be in the semis and still be alive somehow.”

Simona Halep

Simona Halep

“It will be a very nice match,” Halep said after he win. “I have to try everything. She is No. 1 in the world. She’s the best player. I have nothing to lose.”

“I have just to play aggressive like I did today at the beginning the match. I think this is the most important thing to have to the chance against Serena.

“So I just want recover my body until tomorrow and to be ready it hit the balls.”

No. 9 Andrea Petkovic will face No. 12 Carla Suarez Navarro in the other semifinal on Thursday.

Andy Murray fistpump

In men’s action, two-time Miami champion world No. 4 Andy Murray advanced to the men’s semifinals by rallying past unseeded youngster Dominic Thiem 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. Murray will play No. 8 Tomas Berdych next.

“At the beginning of the match I didn’t return well, especially returning his first serve,” said the Scot. That put me in sort of a defensive position a lot when he was serving. I ended up doing quite a lot of running there.

“Returned the second serve well, but everything he made a first serve I was returning short and he was dictating all of the points.

“I thought on my own serve was doing fine. I just played one bad game, and my return game let me down a bit in the first set.

“Then, again, the second set I went up and I was creating quite a lot of opportunities, which was good, but just not quite finding the right shot.

“I think in the third set the difference was really my returning. Returned his first serve extremely well. I put him on the back foot. When I was returning the first serve well I was able to dictate points when he was hitting his first serve, and on his second, and then on my first serve as well.

“So when you’re sort of able to control 75% of the points, makes a huge, huge difference. That’s the most pleasing part for me.”

It was a career week for the 21-year-old Thiem who reached his first Masters 1000 quarterfinal.

“Before this week I would have given a lot for the quarterfinals, but now of course in the first moment I’m a little bit disappointed, especially I won the first set,” said the Austrian. “I played a good match.

“But, yeah, I will leave Miami positive for sure and with a good feeling for the clay court season.”


Miami Open – Monday Results, Tuesday Schedule


USD 5,381,235.00 (ATP)
USD 5,381,235.00 (WTA)
23 MARCH – 5 APRIL 2015



Singles – Third Round
[1] N. Djokovic (SRB) d [Q] S. Darcis (BEL) 60 75
[4] K. Nishikori (JPN) d [32] V. Troicki (SRB) 62 62
[5] M. Raonic (CAN) d [31] J. Chardy (FRA) 61 57 76(3)
[6] D. Ferrer (ESP) d [26] L. Rosol (CZE) 64 75
[22] J. Isner (USA) d [9] G. Dimitrov (BUL) 76(2) 62
[12] G. Simon (FRA) d [Q] A. Falla (COL) 63 64
[18] D. Goffin (BEL) d J. Janowicz (POL) 64 63
A. Dolgopolov (UKR) d T. Bellucci (BRA) 75 64

Doubles – Second Round
[2] V. Pospisil (CAN) / J. Sock (USA) d S. Bolelli (ITA) / F. Fognini (ITA) 62 63
[3] M. Melo (BRA) / B. Soares (BRA) d J. Murray (GBR) / J. Peers (AUS) 75 46 10-7
[4] J. Rojer (NED) / H. Tecau (ROU) d J. Cabal (COL) / R. Farah (COL) 67(6) 63 10-2
K. Anderson (RSA) / J. Chardy (FRA) d [PR] N. Almagro (ESP) / G. Garcia-Lopez (ESP) 61 62
M. Draganja (CRO) / H. Kontinen (FIN) d [WC] T. Bellucci (BRA) / J. Souza (BRA) 63 63


Singles – Fourth Round
[1] S. Williams (USA) d [24] S. Kuznetsova (RUS) 62 63
[3] S. Halep (ROU) d [15] F. Pennetta (ITA) 63 75
[16] V. Williams (USA) d [4] C. Wozniacki (DEN) 63 76(1)
[12] C. Suárez Navarro (ESP) d [7] A. Radwanska (POL) 57 60 64
[9] A. Petkovic (GER) d [8] E. Makarova (RUS) 61 75
[27] S. Lisicki (GER) d [11] S. Errani (ITA) 61 62
[14] Ka. Pliskova (CZE) d [WC] D. Gavrilova (RUS) 63 62
S. Stephens (USA) d B. Bencic (SUI) 64 76(5)

Doubles – Second Round

A. Rodionova (AUS) / A. Rodionova (AUS) d [5] G. Muguruza (ESP) / C. Suárez Navarro (ESP) 75 61
[8] C. Garcia (FRA) / K. Srebotnik (SLO) d H. Chan (TPE) / J. Jankovic (SRB) 61 63
[9] A. Hlavackova (CZE) / L. Hradecka (CZE) d K. Jans-Ignacik (POL) / A. Klepac (SLO) 64 64



STADIUM start 11:00 am
ATP – [8] T. Berdych (CZE) vs [17] G. Monfils (FRA)
Not Before 1:00 pm
WTA – [9] A. Petkovic (GER) vs [14] K. Pliskova (CZE)
ATP – [15] K. Anderson (RSA) vs [3] A. Murray (GBR)
ATP – [1] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs A. Dolgopolov (UKR)
Not Before 7:30 pm
WTA – [12] C. Suárez Navarro (ESP) vs [16] V. Williams (USA)
Not Before 9:00 pm
ATP – [22] J. Isner (USA) vs [5] M. Raonic (CAN)

GRANDSTAND start 10:50 am
ATP – [28] A. Mannarino (FRA) vs D. Thiem (AUT)
ATP – J. Monaco (ARG) vs [29] F. Verdasco (ESP)
Not Before 3:00 pm
ATP – [12] G. Simon (FRA) vs [6] D. Ferrer (ESP)
Not Before 5:00 pm
ATP – [4] K. Nishikori (JPN) vs [18] D. Goffin (BEL)

COURT 1 start 12:00 noon
WTA – [PR] V. Dushevina (RUS) / M. Martínez Sánchez (ESP) vs [7] T. Babos (HUN) / K. Mladenovic (FRA)
WTA – [1] M. Hingis (SUI) / S. Mirza (IND) vs A. Rodionova (AUS) / A. Rodionova (AUS)
Not Before 3:00 pm
WTA – M. Niculescu (ROU) / A. Panova (RUS) vs [4] S. Hsieh (TPE) / F. Pennetta (ITA)
ATP – M. Draganja (CRO) / H. Kontinen (FIN) vs [2] V. Pospisil (CAN) / J. Sock (USA)
ATP – [WC] R. Harrison (USA) / R. Ram (USA) vs [3] M. Melo (BRA) / B. Soares (BRA)