June 22, 2017

Wilson’s BURN FST 99S Racquet Increases Spin and Power

Wilson racquet

(March  2016) Wilson Sporting Goods Co. introduced the BURN FST collection in December which includes the BURN FST 95, 99 and 99S.  Tennis Panorama had the opportunity to recently test the BURN FST 99S.

What is unique about the racquet is Wilson’s patented Spin Effect™ technology for increased spin. From the get go, when you first hit the ball you can see the increased spin that comes off the racquet without even changing your swing. Also evident is the increased power generated with the BURN FST 99S as the ball is struck. The racquet frame at 18×17 is extremely light weight at 10.5 ounces.

Although branded for the hard hitting “baseliner,” we found the racquet grood for an attacking game.

With the Patent-pending X2 ErgoHandle,  an extra long grip which is great for those who hit two-handed backhands. Included with the racquet is a player-directed handle insert system that allows players to customize the shape of their grip.

It is also “Smart Tennis” sensor ready for those players who wish to analyze their strokes.

Intermediate to advanced players would be served best served by the use of this new racquet.

The BURN FST  retails for $249.00 (USD). For more information, please visit www.Wilson.com.


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